There is a difference between a comfortable home and one of true opulence and luxury. Fancy upgrades that very few other homes can claim and lots of space play a big part in the luxury home market.

What make a home a luxury home?

Square Footage

Bigger is not always better. When it comes to houses, the most magnificent properties generally have over 10,000 square feet of living spac. A minimum of four bedrooms (but often double that) and sit on a special piece of land. The most luxurious homes in Ohio to Texas, are found on several acres of private rolling hills or within an exclusive gated community that boasts a golf course or a lake.

Relaxation Amenities

Many homeowners with money to spare create a haven by installing rooms and areas specifically designed for their own personal relaxation. Pools, both indoor and outdoor, are common features in luxury homes and so are hot tubs and saunas. Some homeowners also enjoy a room with soft lighting and a built-in essential oil diffuser to be utilized by the visiting masseuse or acupuncturist. Waterfalls, also both indoor and out, create a soothing atmosphere.

Sports Spaces

You don’t have to be an NBA star to enjoy your own basketball court for shooting hoops. Some luxury homes also feature tennis courts or lap pools. Adding a custom-built rock-climbing wall or bowling alley creates space for personal activity as well as fun with friends. Depending on how much property the house sits on, a putting green or full-fledged golf course could be a dream addition.

Hobby Places

Movie buffs or those who work in the industry will no doubt need a home screening room with comfortable seating and a large screen. Homeowners with a green thumb might build their own greenhouse on the property. While most people have to “craft” at the kitchen table, ultra-luxurious homes often feature a dedicated craft room. For gun enthusiasts, they would most likely have a room display for their hunting equipment and gears. They might showcase various rifles like the Ruger Precision Rifle or Bergara B14 BMP in display cases, or have crossbows hung on the walls. If you aspire to have one in your house too, Lunde Studio is the perfect site to visit for gun reviews and recommendations for weapons and accessories you might want to add to your collection.

Restaurant Touches

If you have enough money, eating at five-star restaurants may be a weekly activity instead of just for special occasions. But even the very rich want to eat at home sometimes (albeit with meals cooked by their personal chefs). Luxury homes feature luxurious kitchens containing a built-in smart refrigerator (or refrigerators) and commercial-grade stoves. One kitchen isn’t usually enough. A full-service outdoor kitchen is also a must. In addition, no high-end home would be complete without its own climate-controlled wine cellar.

Guest Houses

Homeowners with huge houses often build smaller houses on their property for their guests (in case the eight bedrooms are all in use). These guest homes are also filled with first class amenities and set just far enough away from the big house to give everyone privacy. Many luxury guest houses are bigger than the standard three-bedroom two-bathroom home.

Fun Extras

Very expensive homes often have one-of-a-kind or at least unusual features that aren’t found in the merely expensive homes. Examples include a library with floor to ceiling shelving, an elevator, a back staircase for the help and a hidden passageway just for fun.

Luxurious homes are different from regular homes. They have more and better of just about everything found in a regular home and many special extras that regular homeowners never imagined they needed.