Take Your Spooky Decorations to the Next Level – 20 Decorative Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Have you planned your Halloween yet? The food, the decor, and of course…..the pumpkins! Carving pumpkins is a fun activity, but so is painting them. This year I’m thinking about trying something different so I’ve been looking at all these Halloween painted pumpkin ideas. So many posibilities! Regardless if you’re into handmade lettering or you […]

The Importance of Humility in Parenting

The Importance of Humility in Parenting

Humility is a very important aspect of being human. It’s also very important in regard to the issue of parenting. Many people will tell you that in order to possess humility, you must also possess self-confidence. Whether or not this is true is a matter of opinion. The dictionary definition of humility is “to be […]

Keep the Kids Busy: 20 Ingenious Cardboard Box Projects

I’ll always appreciate thrifty up cycles – they’re cheap and eco-friendly too! If there’s one item that everyone has in the house which can be used for cool DIYs it’s definitely a cardboard box. To be honest, many of the cardboard box projects I’m sharing are using more than one cardboard box but I’m sure […]