The Greenhouse effect in short is the phenomenon of the Earth’s surface rising temperature due to excess carbon dioxide gasses and other toxic chemicals being released in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Use Renewable Resources

Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

This has been a rising issue in the last several decades. Awareness has been spreading especially with the turn of the new century. 

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Environmentalists are arguing for stricter regulations on the emission of gasses into the atmosphere and for moral environmentally friendly solutions. Which are actually inexpensive and often more affordable in the long run rather than the cheaper alternatives we are currently using. 

One such solution is the usage of solar panels, harvesting the sun’s natural rays and turning them into energy we use for everyday activities.

Solar panels have proven to be less costly, save you money on electricity and heating, and are cost-efficient compared to gas, coal, or oil.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels on your roof, to lower the monthly bills, and help the environment at the same time, here are 3 things to have in mind before doing so.

Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, 3 Things To Have In Mind Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, Days of a Domestic Dad
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The placing of the panels

Before considering the panels, you’ll have to check the roof for any potential damage done to it in the past.

Sometimes, even though you think everything is okay with it. Different weather conditions might have taken their toll and the roof is in need of some fixing.

Firstly, therefore, check for any potential damage, holes, cracks, or anything which might seem a bit off. 

Also, reinforce it if needed, as the roof will be carrying the weight of the whole structure. So, therefore, consult with someone if the roof is actually capable of handling that much weight.

You will help the environment by placing solar panels, but you won’t help yourself if you don’t look out for these little problems. Also, consider the shape of the roof, look at how it faces the Sun and how often, make sure there is enough room and space for panels.

Think of the excess water during a storm or regular rain, where will the excess water go, whether your drainage system is clogged and capable of handling a bigger volume of water than usually expected. 

What kind of solar panel should you buy? 

When it comes to solar panels, you should know the two types of technology they are based on, no matter the manufacturer.

Finding the right solar panels for sale is not that hard since you can find them on many websites or physical stores. Just make sure you get knowledgeable enough before buying.

For now, we have two ways of harvesting the Sun’s energy, the first is based on little cells turning the rays into energy which can later be used for a mirage of different things. And the second type is heating air or water. 

The first technology is ideal for places with a constant warm climate. As you’ll easily turn the rays into energy and save money on electricity and cut on your monthly bills.

Now, when it comes to this solar design, it often goes with photovoltaic system software which essentially allows you to capture more of the solar energy and effectively generate it.

This software has proven to show accurately the amount of generated energy per cell. The potential losses and all this is understandably converted into a chart. 

The latter is maybe ideal for homes in cold areas, where the major concern is staying warm. So if you live in an area where fuel is expensive or rare, the thermal option might be better.

Once you have decided which type of panel suits you the best, all that’s left is connecting to the grid. Now, connecting to the grid basically means establishing a link between a generating storage station and a distribution/transmission system.

This can take some time, as there are firstly some things to be sorted out. Is there any fee you have to pay first before doing so, how long all these might take, and have you sorted out all the alternatives before going for panels? 

Do not worry, you can hope for the Sun’s electricity soon enough. You’ll see your investment pay off in no time. 

Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, 3 Things To Have In Mind Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, Days of a Domestic Dad

Getting professionals to do the job 

So, if you have looked into all the other options available and you made up your mind, firstly think of hiring a professional, someone capable of putting up a proper installation, and aware of how to connect everything as it should be.

Also, think of the warranty, what services go with the purchase, like maintenance and reparation in case of damage. 

One last piece of advice we are eager to give you is, before placing the panel. Make sure the contract is bulletproof, make sure you have insurance in case of anything happening.

Make sure to look for professionals which will install it for you; do not try DIY as it can go terribly wrong. 

Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, 3 Things To Have In Mind Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Roof, Days of a Domestic Dad