If you are searching for an interesting way to refresh your interior design project, then felt wall panels can provide a decorative and practical solution. These felt panels serve as sound dampening wall tiles and can alter the sound quality for your in-house entertainment or audio recording.

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Felt Wall Panels

Felt wall panels are one of the most flexible options for interior design for several rooms throughout the house. Let’s look at a few benefits of adding wall panels to your home.

Sound Reduction

Sound reduction with felt wall panels is possible in a few different ways. If your apartment or home shares a wall with neighbors, these sound-blocking panels can eliminate noise from next door.

Particular room experiences an echoing sound, then felt panels could also help. If the nearby street is often busy, then felt panels against the exterior wall reduce the sounds that carry over into your living space.

Acoustic Potential

Felt wall panels in audio recording booths reduce excessive noise and help generate clearer audio. For podcasts and music recording, these design pieces are a must. This ultimately makes audio editing easier and helps you come across loud and clear for your audience.

Soundproofing panels are the long-term solution for controlling reverberating sound, but notably, not all foam materials are for blocking or entirely preventing sound. 

With felt panels covering the wall, your home entertainment systems will also come across with clearer audio. Felt panels are trendy for home theater setups and can clarify movie and TV audio.

Most movie theaters use a similar material on the walls for this exact reason! Felt wall panels can provide a tune-up for your viewing and listening experience, and if you consider yourself an audiophile, they are an absolute must.

Patterns and Design Variation   

As a decorative fixture, felt wall panels have a high degree of flexibility. They are an easy source of patterned and triangle wall art for the space behind couches and desks. These panels can also vary from being a central piece of your room design to a smaller and more ornamental piece.

Felt wall panels offer a variety of color options to go with the various pattern possibilities. From a purely decorative standpoint, they can single-handedly transform your living spaces. Check out a few unique designs available for sound dampening.

Get Organized

Putting up a corkboard on your wall may be helpful for organization, but it often appears tacky and reminds people of offices and cubicles. Luckily, felt paneling can provide the effect of a corkboard, but with decorative value. Pinning tasks, papers, and notes to felt panels is easy and can serve almost any room in the house.

Creative Outlet for Kids

Many felt wall paneling companies offer customization of the panel patterns you buy. With the variety of color options available, building a felt wall panel design to match kids’ rooms or other play spaces is easy.

A few companies that sell these panels have paneling setups specifically put together for kids, with designs such as mountains or castles. Similar arrangements can fit in as learning tools for classrooms as well.


For noise reducing and acoustic foam wall panels, the foam product’s materials are typically polyester. With felt panels, up to 50% of the materials used to make the product are recycled materials. This reduces the environmental impact of the panels and makes the purchase for your space an easy decision. The sustainable materials are also considerably more durable than the typical foam variant, meaning you’ll end up spending less money in the long run.

The Best Zoom Background

With the onset of the pandemic, speaking via video chat has undoubtedly become the preferred method of communication. Most backgrounds for Zoom or other video chats are often dull, and digitally inserted backgrounds are often glitchy or unstable.

Add felt paneling in a decorative design behind your desk to provide the best possible background for your next meeting or video chat.

Easy to Install

The installation process for felt wall panels can go quickly with a few of the features typically provided with the product. This installation process can be completed for smaller felt panels and less complicated designs in as little as ten minutes.

Switching up the wall in your space to something both practical and attractive is unlikely to be easier with a different material.

Begin the installation process by cutting the fabric panels as needed or directed. Many felt panel products contain perforations or lines to make sure you get it right without a hassle and without fear of damaging your purchase.

Next, level the paneling and align it with the rest of your wall fixtures or nearby furniture. Once the space for the paneling is marked, simply peel back the adhesive squares or triangles on the back of the felt to add it to your wall.

Conclusion– The Benefits of Felt Wall Panels

If you are seeking a new upgrade to your living space, consider using felt wall paneling. These fixtures can optimize the audio in your recording booth or tune-up the quality of your entertainment sound systems.

They can also reduce the noise from neighboring units or connected homes and prevent echoing or reverberating sound.

In more practical terms, felt wall panels make the traditional cork wallboard obsolete. The felt material is easy to pin anything to and can help keep your living space or office organized.

Beyond all practical uses, wall panels provide a flexible and easy to edit form of decorating with various color options.

Felt wall paneling companies offer an online or in-person felt or noise reduction board design studio, so you can plan the pattern for your wall and put together a paneling layout for your wall that is both useful and stylish.