Have you planned your Halloween yet? The food, the decor, and of course…..the pumpkins! Carving pumpkins is a fun activity, but so is painting them. This year I’m thinking about trying something different so I’ve been looking at all these Halloween painted pumpkin ideas. So many possibilities!

Halloween Painted Pumpkins

20 Decorative Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Regardless if you’re into handmade lettering or you want to take the easy way out and just splash some color on your pumpkins, I have some amazing Halloween painted pumpkin tutorials to share with you. I’m sure the entire family will love them, but especially the kids. Take your spooky decorations to the next level with these haunting ideas:

  1. Spray Painted Dollar Store Pumpkin Topiary from cleverpinkpirate.com
  2. Pokemon Pumpkins – Pikachu from happinessishomemade.net
  3. DIY Modern Painted Pumpkins from thebeautydojo.com
  4. Hand Lettered Painted Pumpkin from thehappierhomemaker.com
  5. DIY Trick Or Treat Ombre Pumpkin from sarahhearts.com
  6. Painted Pumpkins from kidscraftroom.com
  7. Sharpie Art Pumpkins from designdazzle.com
  8. Squeeze Paint Pumpkin Art from hellowonderful.co
  9. DIY Splatter Paint Pumpkins from forthemakers.com
  10. Painted Candy Corn Pumpkins from mom4real.com
  11. DIY Tiny Message Pumpkins from lovelyindeed.com
  12. Painted Pumpkins from number-2-pencil.com
  13. Halloween Dripping Paint Pumpkins from houseofjoyfulnoise.com
  14. Simple Skeleton Painted Pumpkin from modpodgerocksblog.com
  15. Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins from anightowlblog.com
  16. Pretty No Carve Painted Pumpkins from goldstandardworkshop.com
  17. Pumpkin Parade – Sharpie Pumpkins from boxycolonial.com
  18. DIY Brushstroke Pumpkin from themerrythought.com
  19. Glow In The Dark Pumpkins from onelittleproject.com
  20. How To Make Sharpie Owl Pumpkins from lilblueboo.com

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Halloween Painted Pumpkins