20 Stylish DIY Plywood Projects

DIY Plywood is affordable, easy to find and even easier to cut to the desired size at home. While you might be tempted to think it’s difficult to make something durable that also looks stylish out of plywood, today I want to prove you wrong. The tutorials listed below are some of my favorite DIY […]

20 Inspiring DIY Outdoor Table Ideas

Maybe you’re tired of your old backyard table or you just moved into a new house and your garden is not too welcoming at the moment. Regardless, making your own outdoor table can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and also much cheaper than buying a ready-made one. There are so many ways to make a […]

20 Creative and Thrifty Dresser Makeovers

I bet most people have an ugly or outdated dresser in their home that’s not what it used to be but it has a lot of potential. Instead of buying a new one, you can revamp that old dresser you were about to throw away. Just a bit of creativity and elbow grease can lead […]

Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan

Disclosure: I am sharing my experience with affresh® cleaners as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh. I’ll be posting an update on how some of the other affresh® cleaning products are helping me to stay on top of my daily cleaning with me Do It Yourself Monthly Maintenance Plan. We love our new […]

Space Themed DIY Galaxy Playdough for Kids

Joeli is a huge Star Wars fan, so I am always looking for ways for here to express her passion. So if your kids love space and space-themed crafts and activities, they will love making and playing with this DIY galaxy playdough. With just a few ingredients, you can transform simple black playdough into a […]

My Home DIY Project List is Steadily Growing and My Bank Account is Shrinking

Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this post. Next year, I plan on doing some much-needed home improvements. The holidays are sure to take a bite out of any available capital we have to do the projects I have in mind without some additional financial assistance. Fortunately, we own our home and do have some […]

20 Fun and Festive DIY Christmas Gifts

What better gift than one that is handmade? A handmade gift shows how much you care for the person you’re giving it to, and that it’s much more than a simple obligation. The holidays will be here in no time, so if you plan on making your own gifts, take a look at some of […]