Things Millennials Need to Know When it Comes to Car Maintenance : Prestone Automobile Products

Growing up as a male teenager in Texas came with the rite of passage of taking care of my car. Cars used to be less complicated. These days, cars have sophisticated computer systems and many have hybrid motors to deal with. A lot of millennials didn’t grow up learning how to maintain a car, especially […]

Have Fun on the Way to the Office or the Track. The Subaru Impreza Impresses

When you’re on the highways or heading to the backroads or getting amped up for a trip to the racetrack, you want to have some driving spirit. You want to have just a little bit of that extra power to do a just the slightest slide around that long turnpike. Mix your mornings up a […]

What Makes the 2017 Lexus GS a Solid Family Car Option

Lexus is a brand which has come and gone in the spotlight for decades—never really managing to hold onto glory and fame like BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, and possibly even Cadillac. Although Lexus itself as a name does not often ring up much hype in enthusiast circles today, it should be known that Lexus IS […]

Hands Free and Stain Free – Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Guess what is Hands Free and Stain Free in the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport? It’s not the steering wheel or motor compartment. Both are well used pieces in the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. A few weeks ago I was able to test drive the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport for about a week. During that week I was […]

Why You Should Buy a Toyota Hybrid #LetsGoPlaces

What do you look for in a vehicle when you’re shopping? Is it comfort, style, functionality, performance, or efficiency? This are questions I ask when friends and family ask me about cars when they are shopping for a new vehicle. On top of those questions I also ask about their budget and/or what they are […]

Sears Auto Wants to Combat #PotholeProbs

Some would say we have had a pretty hard winter, in which can take its tolls on the roads. I know we have seen some nasty cracks and potholes in our small town. So I can only image how bad the road conditions are in major cities. With messed up roads comes rougher conditions for […]

The Chrysler 200 is Their Answer to Luxury

Chrysler 200 is Their Answer to Luxury Have you ever sat down to relax and know that I am right where I want to be, safe and comfortable? If so, that is how I felt driving the all new 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan. In the short amount of time we drove the 200, we fell […]