If you’re concerned about your increasing electric bills, going solar can help you save money.

You can even sell back power you don’t use if you have a grid-tied system. Home solar panels can also help increase your home’s value and, of course, reduce your carbon footprints.

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Solar Panels, How Long Do Solar Panels Last? A Helpful Guide for Homeowners, Days of a Domestic Dad

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Switching to solar comes with many benefits.

Despite these benefits, though, solar panel installation and maintenance costs can be high. That’s why if you’re crunching the numbers, you might wonder, “How long do solar panels last?” It’s an excellent question to ask because its answer can help you decide if going solar is worth it.

That being said, let’s talk about the lifespan of solar panels, how to maintain your PV system, and why switching to solar is a sound investment for many homeowners.

First, How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

The solar panels from shoalhavensolar.com.au/residential-solar-power could last up to 30 years. Average ones have a lifespan of two decades.

Of course, that 30 years isn’t a guarantee. You already know that the quality of the panels affects your PV system’s longevity, but installation is also a factor.

If your home solar power system is correctly installed, not only will it last longer, but you’ll also enjoy solar savings if you choose the right installer. Proper maintenance also goes a long way in keeping your PV system operating at peak efficiency.

How to Make Your Home Solar Panels Last Longer

Speaking of maintenance, it’s always a good idea to have your panels checked periodically.

A thorough inspection can uncover common issues such as cracked panels, broken glass, and loose connections.

Sometimes, it could also reveal electrical faults, which could affect your system’s power output. You’ll want to address this immediately, especially if you have plans to sell your home.

Other things you can do to maintain your home solar power system are replacing the solar inverter after ten years, checking faulty batteries, and regularly removing dust, leaves, and other debris from the panels.

Installing Solar Panels: Yes or No?

While initial costs could make you think twice about going solar, remember that if you plan to live in your home for a long time, you’re sure to recoup your investment.

The long lifespan of solar panels is also appealing to many homeowners. Once you have panels installed by a reliable solar provider, maintenance is all you need to think about. There’s no need to worry anymore about lowering your electricity bills because as long as your PV system is well maintained, its efficiency and longevity are guaranteed.

Is Solar Right For You?

Now that you know the answer to “How long do solar panels last?” do you still have some questions about going solar?

It’s a big decision to make, so it helps to do your homework. Lucky for you, there are tons of resources online.

You can also browse this site to find more solar-related tips and advice. Feel free to check other posts for other tech matters and those concerning family, travel, cars, DIY, etc. 

Solar Panels, How Long Do Solar Panels Last? A Helpful Guide for Homeowners, Days of a Domestic Dad