Technology has never been more influential in our lives. You only have to take a look around your living room or stop to watch the world go by from a cafe or a seat on the bus to notice that tech is everywhere.

, Top Tech: Must-Haves For Gadget-Loving Families, Days of a Domestic Dad

If you love a gadget, or you’re keen to find out more about the latest systems, devices and products for your home, here are some ideas to inspire your next purchase.


It is estimated that over 3.5 billion people in the world now have a smartphone. Advances in technology mean that we can do almost anything with our phones. From taking photos and sending messages to working, finding out the latest news headlines and buying groceries at the touch of a button, smartphones have changed the way we live.

As technology continues to advance and evolve, new models are becoming available and consumers can benefit from cutting-edge features. 

If you have an old handset, or your current contract is up for renewal, and you’re thinking about getting a new phone, it’s beneficial to check out the latest releases and think about the kinds of features that would benefit you and your family.

If you use your phone to work a lot, for example, it may be worth spending a little more on a handset and investing in apps that integrate with the programs and apps you use at work. If you have a passion for photography, it’s a good idea to explore features like triple-lens cameras.

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Security systems

Security systems are smarter than ever, and you can even keep an eye on your home when you’re out and about by linking your phone. For many of us, there’s nothing worse than thinking about somebody breaking into our homes and taking valuable and sentimental possessions.

Our homes are supposed to be safe havens, and a burglary can cause a lot of emotional distress. The good news for anxious homeowners is that modern-day systems are incredibly effective. Whether you have a burglar alarm, CCTV cameras or security lights, using integrated systems and state of the art devices can help to reduce the risk of burglaries considerably.

Visible deterrents, such as CCTV and doorstep cameras, security gates and outdoor lights, can prevent thieves from targeting your home. If your phone is linked to your security system, you can also receive updates and warnings, which enable you to take swift action. 


Drones are an amazingly versatile invention. Drones come in a diverse range of styles and they serve a vast array of purposes. These innovative gadgets can be used commercially, but they can also be a great investment for families. With a drone, like those available from stores like DrDrone, you can take great quality photographs and capture footage of special moments.

You don’t have to invest in a drone that has all the bells and whistles. You can choose a more basic model that will cater for the needs of your family. If you are thinking of buying a drone, it’s wise to compare makes and models and to make sure you understand the restrictions linked to drone flying.

It’s a good idea to practice using your drone at home before you start venturing further afield. According to the pros at Cam Specialist, investing in a drone is also an excellent plan if you’re a keen amateur photographer and you’re eager to set up a side hustle. 

, Top Tech: Must-Haves For Gadget-Loving Families, Days of a Domestic Dad

Video calling and communication

Most of us are used to making video calls, but the technology involved in this communication channel is developing all the time. You can include multiple people, you can take part in a video-conference style event from the comfort of your own home, and you can keep in touch with long-distance friends and relatives without having to hold a handset close to your face for hours on end.

New technology enables you to sit in front of a TV and have a chat with relatives on the other side of the world, or to join a conversation that involves the entire family. At a time when it’s difficult to spend time together, and many people are likely to be restricted to their homes for a period of time, staying in touch is crucial. 

As well as offering benefits for those keen to stay connected with friends and family members, video calling also plays a key role in enabling people to keep businesses running and stay in touch with clients and colleagues. With the right technology, it is possible to make and take calls, host meetings and conferences and arrange virtual networking events. 

, Top Tech: Must-Haves For Gadget-Loving Families, Days of a Domestic Dad

Smart systems for your home

Can you turn the lights on simply by issuing a voice command, or water your garden using a button on your cell phone? If you haven’t answered yes to this question, there is probably a whole host of smart features and systems you could be missing out on.

Not everyone wants to turn their home into a tech zone, but you might find that automation and integration serve a valuable purpose. Imagine being able to turn your heating on when you leave the office so that your home is lovely and warm when you get in, or being able to play a song just by talking to a device sitting on your countertop.

Voice-activated gadgets and automated systems can save us time and effort, and they’re particularly useful for parents, people who have health problems and those with mobility issues and hearing and sight loss. As technology continues to evolve, voice activation will become increasingly commonplace. 


Not that long ago, robots were something that we saw only on the silver screen. Today, they’re invading our homes, with many of us keen to embrace the latest technology to take the stress and effort out of household chores. Robot vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers enable you to keep your home clean and dust-free and your lawn neatly trimmed without lifting a finger.

These devices are brilliant for people who don’t have a lot of free time, as well as those who are not well enough to cope with the physical demands of operating a vacuum cleaner or a lawnmower. Depending on the make and model, you can integrate your hoover to issue commands while you’re out of the house. Some units are also capable of returning to their charge point if they run out of batteries and they feature sensors to prevent falls and reduce the risk of banging into walls.

You can also buy domestic robots for company, or a robot pet if you’re unable to have a pet at home due to allergies, for example. 

If you’re interested in robotic technology, or you’re thinking about investing in a new gadget for your home, there’s a vast amount of information available online. It’s wise to read user reviews before you make a decision. Going to tech shows and events, watching TV programs about new-fangled gadgets and reading magazines can also help to provide information and help you choose the right products for your household. 

, Top Tech: Must-Haves For Gadget-Loving Families, Days of a Domestic Dad

Technology is taking over our everyday lives, and for many families, there are multiple advantages to be gained from embracing new trends and innovations. If you love gadgets, or you’re looking to modernize your home and start taking advantage of smart tech, hopefully, this guide has provided food for thought.

From devices and systems that can enhance family life and eradicate the hassle of doing household chores to technology that allows you to work from home with minimal effort and maximum efficiency, there are products to suit everyone.