Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

I live in a North Dallas suburb in Texas and have lived in this area my entire life. I can remember when you did not need to worry as much about things as you do now. We would leave the doors and windows open all day and night. We did not have to worry about some sort of home invasion or someone breaking into our home during the middle of the day. Plus, as a parent, keeping my children safe has become a top priority. That is why Wireless Security Cameras have become a necessary component in most homes.

I am thankful that new technology gives us the capability to monitor and protect our self and our family better. We recently received a new WatchBot wireless security camera that has more than impressed me. The functionally of this small, lightweight IP security camera has gone above and beyond the job I expected. It has a well-designed chassis and has plenty of wireless range to cover my 2500+ square foot home, as well as my yard.

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

The WatchBot camera features an intelligent Motion Sensor to detect any security breach within range. Once detected, the camera will automatically trigger an email alert to your cell phone or computer, if properly set up to do so. Upon detection, the camera can also instantly record what may be taking place in order to capture any necessary information for later use.

If you have several areas of your home or business to monitor, you can set up a network of up to nine WatchBot cameras. This would easily provide a total security surveillance solution package for your protection and peace of mind. Plus, the user interface provided on you computer can display all 9 monitors in a grid format for easy monitoring. This gives you the ability to watch several different areas at once and keep a close watch on your belongings or other treasures… such as your children.

Wireless Security Cameras
I know I use it most often to watch  my children play in various areas of the house. I am most often working at my desk, therefore I can easily move the camera outside or into the playroom as they play to keep watch. In fact, they often like to take a look at each other playing on the monitors. Not to mention  it has come in handy in quickly dispersing a few disagreements. It can be hard to argue what you see on the monitor.

High Quality Picture

And even though the WatchBot is compact in size, it still features an excellent video quality. The video latency is just 0.2 second or less which makes for great recordings. It easily supports both wired and wireless connections with no sound or video drop off. This means you can dial into your camera from home or elsewhere to see what it is capturing.  We find this useful when we are out and need to check on the kids. The teenagers often stay home with the girls, so we can easily check in on them all by dialing into the WatchBot camera. And with the ability to either pan or tilt the camera through wireless controls, we can easily see a wide area of the house with one sweep of the camera’s range.

Take a look at a clip I took with the WatchBot when I placed the camera outside to over look the land behind our house.

You may notice that the Watchbot is very responsive to your wireless control and delivers an excellent video quality.

Support and Tutorials

WatchBot has a full library of video tutorials and plenty of technical support information online for your benefit. I was able to set up and start watching my WatchBot in about 15 minutes. I also set up access from my iPhone so I that I could easily monitor my camera while I am away from home. We have found it to be a great asset to our home… and a beneficial gadget for allowing us to have a peace of mind while our children play.

Check out WatchBot to learn more about their wireless security cameras.

Disclosure: I was supplied with a WatchBot for the sole purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.