Anyone with a teenager knows that when it comes to the topic of cell phones, the struggle is real. Your child is worried about the social stigma if they don’t have one. As a parent, you’re more concerned about controlling the costs and keeping your child safe.

, Why the iPhone 8 Is a Solid Pick for Your Teenager’s First Smartphone, Days of a Domestic Dad

You know just how much you love your smartphone, and you want to keep your child from developing an early addiction.

Teenager’s First Smartphone

But eventually, kids get older and having a smartphone makes sense logistically. At that point, your thoughts turn to which phone to buy. The iPhone 8 is one of the best phones for kids — here are a few reasons why.

Cheaper than newer phones

A new model iPhone can cost $700 or more depending on the specific model and hard drive size. When you go with an older phone, you can save a significant amount.

If you purchase the phone from your cellular provider, you’ll save around 40% compared to the price for a new model. You can also lease the phone if you prefer not to purchase it outright. This model generally leases for less than $20/month. You can also pass on your old iPhone after the name change on your iPhone, so it feels like its their own. Click here to learn how to change name of iPhone.

Teenagers are notorious for breaking their phones. When this happens, you’re left to either replace it or foot the expensive repair bills. Even if you have insurance from your cell provider, that can leave you with a deductible in the hundreds of dollars. Getting an iPhone 8 that’s less expensive upfront means you can tuck away the extra money in case repairs are needed.

Screen time restrictions

Many parents are concerned about how much time their kids spend using phones and what their kids are doing. Since the release of iOS 12, iPhones have been able to monitor how much time a user spends on the device and track what the user is doing.

This feature also allows you to restrict the amount of time spent on a particular app. If you find your teen is spending hours on Snapchat or Instagram, you can set an allotted amount of time per app for each day. Set the controls either by the individual app or by the app category.

You can also change the settings based on the day. For example, allow more time on the weekends than during the week.

Parental controls

Keeping your child safe is always a concern. That safety may mean restricting them from accessing something, or preventing others from being able to access them. With the iPhone 8, there’s a wide range of parental controls available. These controls include the ability to restrict web content, with options to restrict adult websites or allow only specifically listed sites.

Parents can also set communication limits. This allows you to control who your kids can communicate with. You can set the controls so that during downtime, they’ll still have access to communicate with you or other important people.

Cases and accessories

Protecting your investment is critical so you can avoid paying substantial repair or replacement costs. Phone cases not only provide protection for the phone, but also add a sense of personality and let teenagers express themselves.

Finding a quality iPhone 8 screen protector is important and can help save you from expensive screen repairs. Consider a tempered glass screen protector and make sure to check out previous user reviews.

Great hardware

Every new generation of the iPhone sees upgrades to its hardware, and the iPhone 8 is nothing to sneeze at. This version of the iPhone boasts a 12-megapixel camera, 4k video recording, and 3D touch. Thanks to these features, your teenager will enjoy using the phone and the latest apps that you approve.

Buying your teenager a phone can be nerve-wracking. From the sheer cost to the fear of the new freedom you’re giving them, it’s an exercise in letting go. Apple is a company that recognizes how parents need the ability to keep their child safe. The iPhone 8 is a great example of a product with these features.

Take the time to set the controls properly and your teen will enjoy their phone while you enjoy your peace of mind.