About Colby

Hello and welcome to my blog Days of a Domestic Dad, my name is Colby. I am a newly stay at home dad as of December 2012. I am a happy father of 5 children and have been married to my high school sweet heart for 18+ years. I recently start blogging with my wife Staci for she is an accomplished blogger for a few years now. When I was released from my job with an insurance company in December I decided I would like to find a job to work from home.

Staci, my wonderful wife and best friend who has a strong soul and is passionate about her family and work, I Love her.

My kids are great kids, and for that they are everything to me. They range in age  from 3 to 17 with my 17 already graduating from high school and attending college. I wrote a small blog post on about them and you can check it out here.

Days of a Domestic Dad will center around my family and how I live life as a domestic dad in todays world. I am sure I will have a little bit of randomness with product reviews.

If you wish to contact me with questions or concerns please do here.