Are you planning the next family vacation? Well, don’t worry, because we have got you covered! Why don’t you try one of the many spectacular UTV trails and campgrounds in America?

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There is nothing better than combining the classics of camping – nature, stargazing, and campfires, among others – with the thrill of off-roading?

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Those who love riding their family-sized UTVs guarantee you, the kids, and your friends will have the fun of a lifetime. But where to go, how to prepare for such a journey, what places to see?

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How to Choose the Best UTV Trails and Campsites for Your Family Vacation

With its vast plains, impressive mountaintops, unbeaten paths, and endless opportunities for family fun, America is a paradise for all with a taste for memorable adventures.

Nevertheless, choosing a certain trail or campground varies from one family to the next. If you have small children, you will probably want to pick a homely and accessible campsite with a handful of amenities and comforts.

If you travel with older kids, a family crew versed in off-roading, and a bunch of friends, you might want to take less beaten paths and enjoy tent life in the middle of nowhere.

What we can say with certainty is that taking your powerful side-by-side out for a ride in the summer months to put an appreciable distance between you and the madding crowd will help your family make the memories of a lifetime.

Why Choose a UTV for a Family Off-Road Adventure?

Side-by-sides make excellent off-road vehicles for families. There are many differences between UTVs and ATVs, with the latter not being suitable for family fun but rather for solo adventurers.

Featuring better stability, more power, and larger cargo space, UTVs have become the go-to choice for those who want to reach far-away places, ride on challenging trails and experience things even 4×4 fans do not.

If you are an off-road buff, you already know that a well-maintained UTV will help you go anywhere. But to reach one of the amazing trails we are going to talk about, you need to prepare your SxS.

After all, you are going to travel places, so safety and comfort come first.

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How to Prepare for the Trip?

A UTV is the king of the road, especially if your crew is the daring kind and wants to experience some of the most famous American off-road trails.

But, you cannot leave unprepared. So let’s see a quick checklist so you don’t miss out on anything!

1. Ready some solid straps and tie-downs to fix your UTV securely onto your trailer. As you know, you cannot ride the UTV in the streets or on highways, so carrying the SxS to your destination is probably the wisest choice.

2. Install a two-way radio if you travel in a group. Most experts recommend you never travel alone (as a family) to spend some days in the wilderness riding your UTVs. Everybody is safer in a group. To stay in touch with your people, you need to communicate with them at all times without relying solely on your phones. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a two-way radio, and make sure your crew knows how to use them. Get ones with extended range to stay in touch with the others no matter how far they stray away.

3. Ensure that all your family members have certified helmets and wear them all the time. Together with 4-points harnesses and comfortable seats, helmets are crucial for the safety of each family member.

4. Inspect your tires before you leave home. The wise choice is to pick special tires for the type of terrain you are going to face. A sport UTV with tires made for mud will behave differently from tires made for rock crawling.

5. Take your UTV to your mechanic and fix all the small details that might prevent you from spending a memorable vacation in the wilderness.

Are you all packed and ready to go on an adventure? Well, let’s ride then!

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Three Best American Trails and Campsites for a UTV Family Vacation

Before we begin, there is one more thing to clarify. If you don’t own a UTV just yet, but you want to experience the freedom and excitement they offer, pick a campground/trail offering UTV rentals. Experienced off-road adventurers will most likely bring their vehicles out, but you should know you have this option. So let’s see where you should go for an unforgettable experience!

1. Marble Falls, Texas

The Marble Falls Trails in Texas have something for everyone, given the 240 miles of trails marked for difficulty. Off-road buffs of all experience levels can taste adrenaline on the tips of their tongues.

What if the family wants some outdoor fun (outside the vehicle)? Well, in the Marble Falls Parks, they can enjoy sightseeing (we recommend the spectacular waterfalls wholeheartedly), mountain biking, fishing, and more.

If you don’t have your own UTV, you can rent one. If ATVs, dirt bikes, or even RVs strike your fancy, you will find everything you need here as well.

2. Aroostook County, Maine

If you’ve never been to Maine, this is the best time to go. Off-road and leisure opportunities are plentiful in Aroostook County. The gorgeous landscapes, together with challenging terrains, lush forests, bumpy roads, or muddy bogs, will incite any outdoor fans.

The deep wilderness is not the only thing to enjoy here. You can easily reach the Interconnected Trail System (ITS) of Maine –heaven for nature lovers and off-road adventurers. Those who want to taste the freedom given by the 1200 miles of ATV/UTV trails and exciting terrains should know that they could enjoy this amazing adventure from April to October.

A tour group travels on ATVs and UTVs on the mountains

3.  Capitol Forest, Washington

In western Washington, you can find one of the most spectacular places in America: the Capitol State Forest in Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties. Besides the 80+ miles of forest trails with spectacular landscapes on both sides, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the amazing amenities provided by the campsites.

The trail is the perfect weekend getaway for the entire family. UTV riders will have the fun of their life challenging themselves with the forest mud, bumpy paths, some rock crawling, and so on. The park is just a few miles from Olympia, so a trip into town will surely satisfy your entire crew.

Before You Depart

Make sure you pack goggles, helmets, and gloves for the ride, a toolbox for small UTV repairs, a first-aid kit, and all the camping gear you need for a few days in the wilderness.

Enjoy your UTV adventure, and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on America’s best off-road trails! Do you ride a UTV for outdoor fun? Tell us more about the best side-by-side vehicles to ride on in the wilderness!