When it comes to spending time with your friends, there’s
nothing more fun than throwing a party. Whether you choose a fun cocktail party dress party, a summer cookout, or a fancy
wine-and-cheese party, there are lots of fun ways to get together with friends. If you want to throw a fun party with friends, here are seven fun party ideas.

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7 Fun Party Ideas to Throw

1. Watch a Game

If you and your friends are sports fans, one of the best ways to throw a party without spending a fortune is to watch a sports game. There are lots of great games each week, so you can find something important that everybody’s interested in. Whether you sit down to watch the NBA playoffs or gather ‘round the TV for the Super Bowl, sports parties are always a big hit with friends.

2. Throw a Costume Party

While dressing up isn’t for everybody, most people love throwing on a costume and becoming a different person for a day. Throw a costume party and let guests make or buy their own costumes. You can find lots of great animal costumes for Halloween, as well as costumes from your favorite movies, video games, and TV shows. All you have to do is provide some food and drinks for everyone.

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You can be as authentic as possible without breaking the bank with historically accurate women’s medieval dresses. These do not even have to be worn for costume parties and the like only, as there are chic designs that you can wear on an ordinary day and special occasions. There is a fair amount of color selection as well, so you can be assured to find a shade that works best for you. 

3. Watch a Show

Watching TV shows has become a national pastime in the past decade, so find a show that you and your friends like and make a party out of each new episode. You can get together to enjoy snacks and drinks while you watch your favorite show, then you can spend some time discussing the episode when you’re finished watching. This is a great way to have affordable fun with friends.

4. Paint Together

One of my favorite fun party ideas is painting parties. Painting parties have become more popular in recent years, and for a good reason. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as having a few drinks with friends, putting on some calm music, and painting together. This might sound like a boring, quiet party to some people, but it’s the perfect counterpart to typical loud parties that most people throw.

outdoor cookout or bbq is one of my favorite fun party ideas

5. Backyard BBQs

If you’re looking for a way to party with friends while enjoying the sunshine that summer brings, a backyard BBQ is your best bet. The cool part about having a large grill is the fact that you can cook plenty of burgers and hot dogs for everyone.

Plus, you can ask your friends to bring anything they want you to grill – from different types of meat, vegetables, hotdogs, and much more! Of course, any get-together would be more enjoyable when paired not just with good food, but with good cocktails like these recipes from Liquor Laboratory

6. DIY Parties

A quick look at the internet will demonstrate just how popular DIYing has become in recent years. From transforming thrifted furniture to making homemade decorations for the house, there are tons of fun ways to DIY. If you and your friends are into DIY, try hosting a party where everybody gets together and makes something as a group. This is a great learning experience and a fun party.

If you don’t have a clear concept for the DIY party, such as the theme, color, eye-catching object, etc., it can be challenging. Identifying the theme first, for example, if it’s a birthday party, you could make happy birthday flowers the central theme, then incorporate some DIY paper decorations. If you plan a bachelor party, maybe beer threes would be an excellent central theme.

7. Baking Parties

Food is one of the biggest parts of a successful party, so you can virtually guarantee success by focusing your party around food. If you’ve got friends who love to bake, invite them to a baking party where everyone can enjoy some drinks and bake together. The kitchen is always more fun with friends around, so baking parties are always a good time.

If you’re itching for a way to get together with friends and celebrate the sunny weather, you’re not alone. Whether you get together for a costume party during Halloween or a 4th of July cookout during the summer, make sure you spend lots of time with friends.

What is you favorite fun party ideas or themes?
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