For most of my married life I have lived by the motto: “Happy Wife, Happy Life!” Now that doesn’t mean that I am suck-up, or that my wife is a real chore to handle, it just means that I understand the cohesiveness of our household depends on a certain female’s happiness. So after nearly 23 years with Staci, I understand, unlike some, that it is important to keep your wife happy. Understand though, I am no expert on the subject, I just know what I have learned through my own experiences in my relationship with my wife.

Keep Your Wife Happy

Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy

Here are some things I like to practice in my marriage and ways to (possibly) keep your wife happy as well. (These are not in any specific order)

  1.  Smile and make eye contact with your wife whenever you can. A smile and simple eye contact can just set her heart racing.
  2. Don’t raise your voice. Ever, if possible. She needs a nice, pleasant tone. Shouting at her is annoying and can be painfully loud. If you are angry about something, try to talk through it with her instead of yelling at her.
  3. Listen to your wife and respond when needed. Women want attention… most especially from her man. She most likely has something important to say that you can use to further take care of her needs.
  4. If she wants you to fix something just fix it as soon as she asks you to do so. After all, the repair is normally for your benefit too. I know I am personally guilty of procrastinating about doing chores or repairs for my wife. This only leads to discussions I don’t want to have. Keep Your Wife Happy
  5. Compliment your wife even though she may not accept it. Even some of the most perfect women in the world may have some sort of complex. Therefore, if you let them know you love things about them it will make a world of difference in their eyes. They need to know you still desire them just as they are.
  6. Spoil your wife in a way that suites her best and works well for you. With Staci, I could never get away with buying her flowers because she doesn’t like them. Instead I have learned to pick more practical items that will make her smile. She has a taste for technology and things she can use often. Find what makes your wife happy and do your best to shower her with those things.
  7. Don’t waste money. Yes, you may need to cut back on things you don’t need but really want. You should also let her be a part of the spending… especially when it comes to large purchases. Finances can be a stressful part of a marriage and there should be no reason to add to that stress. Keep her in the loop and let her know her opinion is valued.
  8.  Close the seat and lid of the toilet. If nothing else, at least remember to both lift the toilet seat and close it before and after each use. A little gesture goes a long way in the bathroom. Believe me! Staci and I OG
  9. Do your part around the house. Pick up your clothes. Place the clothes in the hamper. Clean up your dishes after you eat something. Rinse them and put it in the dishwasher, or if you don’t have a dishwasher, wash the dishes (all of them). Take out the trash without being asked. Help with the kids. There are plenty of chores to do in a household so be sure to pull your weight.
  10. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash before you kiss her. Sounds simple but truly some guys may need to hear this one. She will really appreciate the fact that your breathe is more pleasant and will want to kiss you longer.
  11. Take a shower before you ask her to make love to you. And then ask her that way, that is, to make love. Don’t be vulgar about it. It should be a special time between you and your wife so savor it and treat it that way.
  12. If she has a car, service it for her by taking it to the garage for a scheduled tuneup and oil change. Take it one day and get it washed and vacuumed. Sometimes it’s all about the little things. Staci and I wedding
  13. Let her decide what to watch on TV every once in a while. Then watch the show/movie she watches… and be interested in it. Plus, stay awake as you watch it together!
  14. Don’t do things behind her back that would hurt her feelings. Again, common sense but it must be said. We all make mistakes but thinking she will never find out or will not be hurt when she does it simply not right. She will find out. She will not be happy. Just don’t do it.
  15.  The one thing you should do every day though? Tell your wife, “I love you” frequently… and mean it!