Recent statistics reveal that one-half of the Australian population supports the community by shopping for locally sourced and produced products, including flowers.

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Flowers From Your Local Florist

Indeed, when it comes to buying flowers, there is no joy like visiting the neighbourhood florist shop, choosing each stem first-hand while chatting up with the salesperson about flower arrangements, floral care, and so on.

Don’t believe us? Here are the top reasons you should buy flowers from your local florist.

More for less

When you order online, the amount you end up paying for a bunch of flowers includes commissions, shipping charges, etc. If you are a regular shopper, perhaps you have noticed that even the vase is chargeable. But buying flowers locally will get you more for less. There are no hidden charges. Plus, your local florist can arrange the flowers in a pretty design for much less cost.

Truly fresh and seasonal

Your neighborhood florist will stock the freshest local flowers in season. And, fresh flowers mean an intoxicating smell of the outdoors at your home, which is largely missing in the blooms that travel miles to reach your doorstep.

As such, when you buy from large retailers who import the majority of their flower stock from overseas, do you get fresh flowers in the true sense?

Expert recommendations

Your local florist will be happy to suggest the choice of flowers for specific occasions and the exact blooms that will express your emotions the best. Not to forget the valuable nuggets of wisdom you would get from a seasoned flower trader about floral care.


Modern-thinking businesspeople who are opening a floral shop know that customized services are the way to win over customers nowadays. This approach benefits both you and the florist.

No intermediaries

Large retailers are most likely to take your order for flower delivery and pass it on to a local florist for a fraction of the sum you paid. On the other hand, the local florist who sells to you directly can earn handsomely without the online retailer entering the equation, creating a win-win situation for both you and the florist.

Support local businesses

Buying flowers locally will showcase your support for businesses in your area that contribute to the overall economy.

These days, many local flower shop owners are trained in the industry, and some even have florist certification under their belt, which shows in their gorgeous floral arrangements.

These shops can easily rival the best retailers out there. Plus, isn’t it morally uplifting to support the florist’s dedication to the art and endeavor to run the business?

Environmentally sustainable

Make a sustainable choice by shopping locally. Ordering online involves complex logistics of importing and shipping, packaging, and more – all leading to massive carbon footprint on the earth. Walking down to the neighborhood florist will exercise your muscles, besides being an environment-friendly option.

Now that you know so many good reasons to buy from the neighbourhood flower shop, give them a try next time you buy flowers. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

, Top Reasons To Buy Flowers From Your Local Florist, Days of a Domestic Dad