Spending time outdoors is good for you, as experts say. You may not have to go far to experience a change of scenery when it’s right outside your door. 

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Your yard holds limitless potential as an addition to your home’s living space. It can be a playground for your pets and kids, a place for friends and family to gather, or an escape from the routine. 

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Try these ideas to improve your outdoor space and make the most of it for your enjoyment. 

Keep Your Grass Green 

A well-maintained lawn is a sight to behold for many reasons. The color green is calming and said to boost creativity, according to research published in 2012. Practically speaking, a lush front lawn enhances the curb appeal of your property. 

A sprinkler system helps with the watering and keeps this patch green and healthy. Having one is not just for convenience, though. If you own a Hunter C Pro controller, you can make seasonal adjustments or use it alongside a sensor. These mechanisms help reduce water use or manage water consumption to meet local restrictions.

Keep Off Grass – Yard Sign

Apart from choosing a proper sprinkler, having sustainable technology to treat hard water for your irrigation system is the second key. The high levels of salt in hard water can clog up your irrigation system to cause huge trouble and money loss.”

Play It Up 

Summer and lawn games go together. Flying disc, badminton, and lawn bowling are just a few of the many outdoor activities kids can play at home. Inflatable bounce houses, slides, and swimming pools are fun additions to your yard.

There is no better place to cool off during the summer than in a small oval above ground swimming pools.

You can also organize an outdoor movie night for the not-so-young ones. To achieve this cinematic experience, set up lawn blankets or deck chairs, a projector, and an outdoor screen. Serve popcorn, nachos, or other tasty snacks for best results.   

Having friends or family over involves more planning and deliberation than usual in light of the pandemic. While well-ventilated outdoor spaces are deemed safe, keep any gathering small and take health and safety precautions.

Grow Flowers 

Flowers instantly beautify your landscape and add color and texture to your scenery. They also keep you active and busy as you tend to their growth and full bloom.  

So how do you start a flower garden? Have a plan or layout. Choose plants that you can actually grow; while there are ones suitable for first-time gardeners, it’s still important to understand the needs of each flower. You may have to improve your soil, find a sunny spot, and take other steps. 

Create a Zen Space

Zen gardens are famous all over the world for their design and the calmness they evoke. It is possible to have a slice of serenity in your home. You can take inspiration from DIYers or follow the main conventions of the Zen garden. 

You’ll need rocks, sand or gravel, a water feature or fountain, and some plants for this project. Finding a location is just as important; it could be in the most secluded part of your property, where you can meditate or simply let your thoughts wander in peace. 

Get Comfy in Your Porch 

Your front or back porch can be more than just a spot leading somewhere. It can be a destination for lounging and relaxing, like a small living room. Comfortable chairs, potted plants, string or mood lights, and cabinets are some of the elements that can transform your porch into a tropical paradise or an upscale resort complete with a fireplace. Rocking chairs, as updated, remain in vogue too.   

Consider checking out EBD Studios if you’re looking to enhance your outdoor design. Their unique designs transform gardens and patios into elegant, personalized havens, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Tip: Your front porch can add to your home’s curb appeal. In addition to decor and furniture, freshen your door with new paint and hardware. While you want the porch to stand out, keep its theme aligned with your house’s style and vibe.

Pick Your Outdoor Furniture 

Whether it’s for a patio, porch, or deck, furniture serves function and aesthetics. Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor sectionals, sun lounges, and tables are more exposed to the weather even when placed in a partly shaded or roofed area. 

So while a lounge chair looks inviting, check its material and ability to withstand sunlight, moisture, and other conditions in your area. Replacement units and cushions, repairs like wood refinishing, and cleaning and maintenance are all part of owning outdoor furniture. Also, consider a piece’s portability or size when you have to move or store it.

Light Up Your Deck 

Decorating a deck is a task on its own, but a significant aspect of it is lighting. Strategically illuminating your deck and its surrounding areas increases visibility, enhances safety, and creates a distinctive atmosphere. 

Luckily, eco-friendly options for outdoor lighting are available, so you can brighten your landscape without worrying too much about your electric bill. Getting solar post cap lights is a top consideration for deck lighting. They are easy to mount and maintain. They also have varying colors and styles to suit the deck or add flair to it.

Home improvements such as those enhancing your outdoor space are about increasing functionality and sparking joy. They can increase the home’s value that may be evident in the resale value or the satisfaction of its inhabitants.