Every year when it starts to get a little warmer outside, my kiddos what to do something fun outdoors.

I figured after the terrible winter which kept us cooped up in the house, I owed it to them.

So what better way to help me help them, than to post it on the ol’ blog to refer back to, and to share of course.

51 Outdoor Activities You Can do With Your Kids this Summer

  1. Hula hoop contest
  2. Watermelon seed spitting
  3. Fossil Dig Party
  4. Cloud Watching
  5. Photo shoot
  6. Family Field Day Games
  7. Build a fort outside
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Obstacle Course
  10. Scavenger hunt
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Have a tea party outdoors
  13. Go Geocaching
  14. Outdoor movie night
  15. Set up a lemonade stand
  16. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  17. Blow bubbles
  18. Pitch a tent
  19. Take a bike ride
  20. Plant a garden or flowers
  21. Go for a walk
  22. Visit a playground
  23. Find worms and let them race
  24. Play in the sprinkler
  25. Bird Watch
  26. Make homemade ice cream
  27. Jump rope
  28. Make s’mores over a open fire
  29. Have a relay race
  30. Play kick ball or catch
  31. Go for a hike
  32. Play I spy
  33. Climb a tree
  34. Play “Follow the Leader”
  35. Look for bugs
  36. Rake up leaves
  37. Roll down a hill
  38. Play tag
  39. Pull weeds
  40. Walk in the rain, splash in puddles
  41. Race sticks in a stream
  42. Outdoor bowling
  43. Jump on a trampoline
  44. Go fish
  45. Visit a local zoo
  46. Wash the car
  47. Play soccer
  48. Water balloon fight
  49. Tug-o-war
  50. Limbo contest
  51. Throw a frisbee

Please comment below, and let me know of any other fun outdoor ideas you may have!