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For as long as I can remember, I have been battling my thinning hair line. Probably ever since I was in my late 20’s, almost 15 years now, which is too long. Now theses days I try to just keep my hair shorter, cause when it grows out, you can see my scalp through the thinning follicles. Another thing that bothers me about having thin hair, is when I am cruising in the car with the windows down my hair does the comb over thing. Not Cool at All!

Good Hair Guide

Good Hair Guide

Gone are the days of limp hair, cause now us guys have a choice of hair care products.Dove Men+Care and Walmart have teamed together to help us guys tackle our need for better hair transplants. Both Dove Men+Care and Walmart have a put together a “Good Hair Guide” featuring a full line of Dove Men’s products. So whether if you have Dry, Oily, Dandruff head, Sensitive Scalp, or Thin hair; Dove Men+Care has the answer for you.

Dove and Walmart Good Hair Guide

As you can see there are many awesome Dove® Men+Care™ to tackle any hair type. Want more? Make sure to share and visit see.walmart.com/dovemenhair to get more tips and recommendations for the men in your life!

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