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Whether you are camping in the backyard or are planning a night of movies under the stars, creating the perfect outdoor movie space will impress friends and family, making for a night everyone will talk remember. Here 5 things you will need to create a nice place to have your Outdoor Movie Party.

Outdoor Movie Party

Outdoor Movie Party

Outdoor Space

It doesn’t matter if you are on a road trip with the family or hanging out at home, you can have an Outdoor Movie Party anywhere. That is best part of an Outdoor Movie Party! If we are home I like to hang our screen on our fence and the kids watch from the porch in their lawn chairs. If I am away from home I look for a flat area free of debris in case someone gets up during the show; just to be safe. A flat area will also allow you set up your projector and screen easily.

Outdoor Movie Party

ZTE SPRO 2 Projector

The ZTE SPRO 2 projector I got at Best Buy is more than capable to entertain an indoor or outdoor movie party. If you are needing a projector, the ZTE SPRO2 is a portable smart projector that features and a built-in 5-inch Android touchscreen. With a built in battery there is no need for power cords, making it easy to move the projector from the conference room to the living room to the great outdoors. Through USB or HDMI connections, micro SD cards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Google Play apps, users can access and project virtually any content, anywhere. Mobile gaming takes on a new meaning thanks to a HDMI input that works with popular gaming consoles. We are trying that next! Outdoor Gaming Party.

ZTE Best Buy

Outdoor Movie Screen

What size screen do I need? How much do I spend? Those are questions I asked the internet before I put together my Outdoor Movie Party. I would say find the widest outside wall of your house and measure the height and width. I would recommend maximizing both height as well as width, because not all films are shot in wide format. If your screen is only wide, you may end up showing an older square format film on half the available screen space. Next depending how in invested you are in, I would say wieght your projector screen options. You can make a wonderful DIY Projector Screen with a white flat sheet or pick up an affordable screen at Best Buy.

Outdoor Movie Party Projector Best Buy

Snacks and Drinks

My general philosophy on parties and food is I want it to feel special and fun but not too much work. A little movie popcorn, lemonade or drink of choice with a sweet treat makes for the ideal outdoor movie party snack. Depending on the size of your get together you may want to plan ahead to make sure you have ample amounts of food for everyone.

Outdoor Movie Party Projector Best Buy

Friends and Family

Lastly, you need people! Invite your friends and family over to enjoy the evening stars in the sky and on the silver screen!