Night vision goggles have been used by people for a long time. Different generations of these devices are released and are available in the market.

Night Vision Goggles, Will Your Eyes Get Damaged from Using Night Vision Goggles?, Days of a Domestic Dad

People will have various choices depending on their preferences, their budget, and what they need.

Night Vision Goggles

The special purposes that night vision devices are used for are the following:

  • Hunting
  • Surveillance
  • Military Operations
  • Expeditions

Some say that night vision devices do not have to be used all the time. Rather, they are only available in places where they will be used often.

It is a known fact that not all night vision devices can be exposed to bright light. Most of them will stop working entirely. You cannot get them replaced especially if it was specifically stated that you are not supposed to expose them to bright light in the first place. You may be using NV optics and you cannot help but wonder if it would hurt your eyes or not.

Learning More About Night Vision Goggles

To answer the question of whether night vision goggles can hurt your eyes or not, you need to know how it works.

Different options are available. Some are handheld. Some need to be mounted to your head while others can be used for both purposes. It will depend on how the night vision goggles are made.

The key here is to adjust the night vision goggles in a way that they are comfortable to use. Most people would use them for 5 to 7 hours. If your eyes are comfortable enough, you will not feel the strain.

The problem will only begin when the goggles do not fit your eyes properly. As long as you do not get into any physical accident while using the goggles, there is nothing to worry about.

Will the Color Make a Difference?

Night vision goggles make use of a greenish tint so that you can view your surroundings better. People cannot help but wonder if this would hurt their eyes in the long run. The answer to this is NO.

The fact that people from the military use their night vision devices longer than 7 hours with no side effects shows that the greenish tint will not hurt the eyes. This may be the safest option out of all the available colors because this is not as intense as red or blue.

Can Your Eyes Get Harmed While Using Night Vision Goggles?

Some are curious to use night vision goggles. They know that some of the activities that they do like hunting can be done better with the use of night vision devices. They are just anxious about using these because they are not sure if they would hurt their eyes in the process.

There are two things to remember:

  • The night vision goggles should be used properly. This means that you should not use them when you are exposed to bright light.
  • You should determine if you have some eye issues or eye weakness. Your eyes may be more susceptible to eye strain.
  • If you know that your eyes are in perfect health, there is nothing to worry about. You can use night vision devices properly.
  • Some Temporary Issues After Using Night Vision Devices
  • Some people have complained about having some temporary problems after using night vision devices. Do not worry because as long as you will give your eyes enough time to rest, you will be able to use night vision devices next time that you need them.
  • Shorter Field of View
  • Disorientation
  • Headache

It is normal to feel a bit disoriented after using some night vision devices because the field of view is wider than your usual view. Your eyes will be able to adjust after some time. It is more common for people to experience headaches after a while because of disorientation. Most people will not experience these issues especially if they limit the use of the different devices.

Final Thoughts

Do not worry about night vision devices causing permanent damage to your eyes. As long as you will not get into accidents while using them, you will only suffer from some temporary issues.

Choosing the right devices will also matter a lot. Do research before picking the best items to use.

Night Vision Goggles, Will Your Eyes Get Damaged from Using Night Vision Goggles?, Days of a Domestic Dad