When it comes to the way you might hurt yourself, I bet your home life doesn’t feature too highly on your list of dangerous places. After all, it’s supposed to be your safe place. But you might be making certain decisions that could lead to you or any of your family suffering a personal injury.

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How to Keep Your House Safe

Here are some of the biggest threats to your safety in your own home.


Make sure you have a working some alarm – testing it is vital. If you have anything that could potentially be a fire risk, one of these alarms is a total necessity. You may even want more than one, depending on the size of your home and the locations of these fire hazards.

The kitchen can be one of the riskiest rooms in your home when it comes to fire safety. Everyone in the family should know to never leave anything on the stove or in the oven without paying close attention.

Electrical items can also present a fire risk. You don’t want to overload your systems, so make sure you have enough outlets in your home. If you think you’re using too many extensions, get a qualified electrician to install some new outlets. This will help to limit the stress each outlet is under, reducing the chances of an electrical fire.


If your house has multiple levels, you’ll know the stairs are one of the most dangerous places in it. that’s why you need to maintain concentration when going up and down. And that’s why holding onto the bannister can really help you out. If you take a spill, your grip could help you go tumbling all the way down. So even if you think it’ll look better without, don’t go get rid of yours!

Rugs are also hazards, especially when you’re not paying much attention. If you like a strong look in your home, a rug can really smarten the place up. But it can also bunch up, causing a trip hazard. It can also slide on the floor, meaning you could go slipping around. You’ll want to tape the rug down if you’re worried about this. And make sure your kids know not to run on them. Although whether they’ll listen is up to them, unfortunately.

If you’ve gone with hardwood or tiled floors, you’ll know they’re easier to clean than carpets. But they’re also easy to over polish. When you want your floor looking bright, you might find yourself going overboard with the cleaning products. Although they’ll be spotless and shiny, they’ll be slippery too. So just bear this in mind.


If your kids are younger, you won’t want them messing around in the kitchen without supervision. It could be a good idea to keep your knives hidden away in a drawer with a lock, making sure that only those old enough to unlock it can get to them. And when you’re using them, make sure you’re not getting distracted. Tell the kids that you’re going to be occupied for a few minutes and that they should stay quiet.

It’s not just knives that are a risk in the kitchen, though. Anything with blades should be stored safely away from the kids. Make sure you’re putting your blenders and food processors away after using them. It’s not worth the risk of leaving them out.

Ensure that anything in the bathroom that could potentially harm your kids is put far out of their reach. This includes things like razors and mirrors, if they’re handheld or portable. It’s a good idea to take a little more caution yourself when using these mirrors because dropping them can cause a little blood loss.

Like everything in life, as long as you’re careful, you should be fine in your home. Pay attention to what you’re doing and make sure the kids know to be careful too. Safety can be pretty easy when everyone is involved.