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Dads Help Around the House

Most people know I don’t have any problems doing domesticated things around the house like cleaning, washing windows, and doing dishes because it’s my job, I’m a stay at home dad.

It’s kind of funny how the ideas of dads has changed over the last few years. The persona is moving away from the black tie corporate dad, working 10 hours days then comes home sit and be served. These days, Dads are making a change around the house! Weather he is a stay at home dad, or punches the clock for his 9 to 5, dads do stuff around the house too.

Swiffer Dad Jay

Like my brother in law Jay, he works in a body shop works 10 hours a day maybe even 12, 6 days a week. When he comes home, he doesn’t just sit on the couch or run out to his boat on the lake on his free time. Nope, he knows that he needs to help out around the house why because of things to do. Jay is kinda like me with his family. There is no reason why he can’t help around the house just like the rest of the family. Because in a family everyone works together to obtain the same goal.

Swiffer Dad Jay

That’s why this week I’m surprised Jay with a big green box from #SwifferDad with some a Swiffer Wet Jet, Wet Jet Refills, Wet Jet Pad Refill. This way he can help out around the house, to do his part. With the Swiffer will help do it even more effective to get a more free time with the kids.

Do You Want to be a #SwifferDad

Have you heard of Swiffer? Of the Swiffer Wet Jet?

  • Swiffer Wet Jet, Wet Jet Refills, Wet Jet Pad Refill
  • Swiffer Wet Jet allows you to retire the old fashioned mop and bucket! It’s an all-in-one mopping solution that traps and locks dirt and grime instead of pushing it around.
  • After you use the Wet Jet, you can simply tear off the used Power Pad and throw it in the garbage, making clean floors simple and effective.
  • The Swiffer Wet Jet starter kit retails for $21.99.