You don’t need to go to the office anymore and follow the traditional nine to five schedule to have a prosperous career. In modern times, working from home has become a popular and widespread concept that only got catalyzed by the pandemic.

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5 Work from Home Careers

While everyone wants a well-paying job, they also want time to relax, be with the family, and not miss essential life milestones like their child graduating. This scenario is where working from home steals the spotlight as being the best option to pursue a professional career.

There is also much you can do, from running a business to auditing for large companies. Many large enterprises also see the benefit of encouraging remote work. These companies save on office space and maintenance, and they no longer need to spend lavishly to expand their business, and they can channel the saved money to fund more projects.

According to the website Upwork, 1 in every 4 Americans will work from home in 2021. So, if you like the idea of staying in your pajamas, having a flexible schedule, and making a decent living for yourself, here are some careers for you to consider:

1.     Try Your Luck as a Financial Analyst

A financial analyst examines financial data and statistics to make sense of a company’s monetary standing. It helps them make choices and plan more risk-averse ways to get more profit. Your advice will come from your understanding of the market, current trends, and a look into the country’s economic status. You need to have insight into accounting and business to do your job.

So, if you have a bachelor’s in finance and have been wondering when to get an MBA? Then now is a good time to look into becoming certified. Your work and education can be easily balanced when you switch to doing everything online. Finance and business go hand in hand. It’s an excellent idea to top up a finance degree with a business one so that your resume stands out and you get more employment opportunities. Your work environment includes investment banks, particularly in the insurance department. You may also work with individual clients who run a business to help them see the impact of their choices with statistical models.

2.     Use Your Skills as An Auditor

Auditing is reviewing financial statements and ensuring they match the company records. It allows businesses to pay their taxes and prevents the IRS from visiting them. As an auditor, you will need to have an eye for details and know precisely how to manage a company’s funds. Therefore, you can quickly get to work without going to a physical office by accessing the organization’s database.

You may work with companies that are still new on the block, large enterprises, or for several firms at a time. Since this job is all about crunching numbers, you need to get a bachelor’s in accounting. Your skills and efficiency in fixing errors in statements will help you progress through your career successfully.

3.     Dabble In Real Estate Appraisal

Technology has made becoming a real estate agent much more accessible. You can set up a website, conduct virtual tours and allow clients to visit the property using AR or VR instead of onsite property tours. In addition, it has also become much more convenient to narrow down the cost of a property or piece of land and provide relevant financial details to clients. As a real estate appraiser, your job is to collect data on properties, such as their resale value, neighborhood perks, and current market rate. This appraisal allows the client to gauge whether they’re interested in investing in the property before the price escalates because of taxes, insurance, etc.

Investing in any property is technical work. Since it costs an immense amount of money to purchase any land for any reason, clients want to know what’s in store for them. You will also need to research how well the property did in the last few years and if the value is worth the cost.

So, the information you collect through real estate databases needs to be accurate and specific. While you can manage your position as an appraiser at home, you still need to get certified. Your educational background must have finance and accounting or computer science before applying for a license through the Appraiser Qualification Board. However, check your state’s requirements for becoming a certified expert.

4.     Enter The World of Forensic Accounting

If you like working with the law and investigating authorities, you will enjoy working as a forensic accountant. Your job is to track down fraud, measure unusual accounting activity, highlight tax evasion and make sure no citizen is breaking the law to make a few extra bucks. All you need to do your job is account details of the suspect and their transaction activity which you can log into from home.

You need to have a solid educational background. The law enforcement agencies prefer forensic accountants with a bachelor of science in accounting and at least a six-year of experience in forensic accounting. You also need an understanding of concepts like business theory and reporting law before you can begin your lucrative career.

5.     Get Involved in The Stock Market

The stock market can be a money-making hub if you know what you’re doing and have the cash reserve to invest in stocks. If you enjoy working with stocks, you should look into becoming a day trader. Your job is to hold on to stocks and sell them as frequently as possible. Unlike long-term investments, you’re looking for immediate gratification through short-term investments. However, the stock market is unpredictable and often fluctuates. This volatility is a good reason you need to have vast capital and analytic software and plan how you wish to work the stocks.

Some day traders like working with the foreign currency market, while others trade in equities. Make sure you find your forte. Since day trading is a game of wits, you don’t need formal education, but it helps to get a degree in finance to understand the market more. Once you figure out how the stock market operates, you can easily make good money and become rich in no time. If you’re in it to make excellent money fast, become a day trader.

Final Thoughts

Working from home has become a popular concept, with more Americans preferring remote jobs. This inclination has led to an evolution in career development that allows you to sit comfortably at home and build a promising profession for yourself. You can become a financial analyst, audit for companies, or steer your direction towards real estate appraisal.

However, become a forensic accountant if you like exciting careers and want to go beyond looking at numbers. At the same time, if you like working independently and earning money for yourself using your wits, become a day trader and play around with stocks.

Work from Home Careers, 5 Work from Home Careers in Business & Finance, Days of a Domestic Dad