While in LA, we had the opportunity to screen the Disneynature Bears film that is in theaters today. This would be my first Disneynature’s film, but Disney has other nature features like, Chimpanzee, African Cats, Oceans, The Crimsonwing and Earth. I had this expectation of a typical documentary, full of useless information and poor footage. After the first ten minutes I knew I was in for a real treat. Disneynature’s approaches the story telling in a way that you connect with the animals, like Scout, Amber, and Sky.

Disneynature Bears

In an epic story of breathtaking scale, Disneynature’s new True Life Adventure “Bears” showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life’s most important lessons. Set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, their journey begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. The world outside is exciting—but risky—as the cubs’ playful descent down the mountain carries with it a looming threat of avalanches. As the season changes from spring to summer, the brown bears must work hard to find food—ultimately feasting at a plentiful salmon run—while staying safe from rival male bears and predators, including an ever-present wolf. “Bears” captures the fast-moving action and suspense of life in one of the planet’s last great wildernesses—Alaska!

Disneynature Bears

This film opened my eyes to some wondrous natural sites, and amazing animals. I plan on taking my younger girls to see both Amber and Scout, and see how their first year on planet earth treats them. I think they would have an appercation for Disneynature Bears in the sense they may never get that close to a Brown Bear.

Disneynature Bears

Fun Facts About Disneynature Bears

  • LOTSA FISH. LOTSA BEARS – Katmai National Park and Preserve is home to an estimated 2,000 brown bears, who are attracted to the abundance of salmon—there are five species of Pacific salmon in Katmai, including sockeye, or red salmon.
  • ON THE MENU – The brown bears that live in Katmai eat a variety of food (while waiting for the coveted salmon run). Bears snack on sedge grass, use their claws to pry open clams and other shellfish, munch on mussels and in late summer, will dine on ripe berries.
  • I’M HOME! – A brown bear’s home range can span 100 square miles.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT LAYERING – With Alaska’s unpredictable weather and shooting days that often went 14 hours, filmmakers had to plan accordingly. The key, they said, was in layering. Favorite pieces included thick thermals, waterproof jackets, chest waders, goose-down jackets and assorted t-shirts.
  • LUNCHTIME – Hungry? In Katmai, you could eat a sandwich 10 feet from a bear and he wouldn’t be inclined to take a nibble. The production team—who regularly spent 12-14 hours a day out filming—was allowed to bring lunch on location. Meals never included fish—as bears would recognize this as food—but could be consumed in the presence of bears. Since these animals (unlike bears in the lower 48) have no knowledge of human food, they weren’t drawn to the scents the team’s lunch items emitted.

Help Support the National Park Foundation

The program SEE “BEARS,” PROTECT OUR NATIONAL PARKS invites moviegoers to see the film during opening week (April 18-24, 2014) and Disneynature, via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a contribution to the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, to protect wildlife and wild places across America’s national park system.

Disneynature Bears is Fun for the Family

With Disneynature’s BEARS opening in theaters today, April 18th, I wanted to share some fun activity sheets, word searches and masks! Disneynature’s BEARS is rated G for the whole family to enjoy!

Disneynature Bears
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Disneynature Bears Style

Disneynature Bears

“DODOcase introduces a limited edition collection of iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 5/5S cases featuring a custom BEARS design. 20% of each sale will go directly to the NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION. Visit DODOCase to purchase and learn more.”

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