While is LA for our Disney trip, we made trip over to the LA Zoo to see the bears exhibit. With Disneynatures Bears coming out in the theater Friday April 18th, this earth day, it would only be fitting to see a real live bear; and other zoo animals. We took a tour of the Los Angeles Zoo, which is one of the most prestigious zoos in the country. Our tour started out in the California Condor Exhibit, which is a leading piece in saving California Condors.

The Los Angeles Zoo has been a proud partner in the California Condor Recovery Program since the 1980s.The program’s primary focus is the captive breeding and reintroduction of California condors to the wild, with the aim of establishing a self-sustaining wild population.

The world population of California condors, once as low as 22, has climbed to over 430 individuals — with more than half of those birds living in the wild. This remarkable success story epitomizes the Zoo’s commitment to conservation and provides reason to hope that other critically endangered animals can be saved from the brink of extinction.

From there we made our way to the Chimpanzee habit, which was one of the most active areas of the LA Zoo. The Los Angeles Zoo is home to one of the largest chimpanzee troops of any zoo in the country. Built in 1998, the Zoo’s “Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains” habitat has been hailed by renowned primatologist Jane Goodall as one of the country’s finest chimpanzee habitats. Maintaining a healthy, diverse zoo population of chimpanzees is crucial to the survival of the species.

The LA Zoo

The LA Zoo tour lead us to several exhibits, one was this Indian Rhinoceros, that is the only Rhino that has survived cancer treatment. One of the Zoo keepers said that she is one of the sweetest animals in the zoo; they even offer one on one visits.

zoo bears

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Disneynature Bears

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