During our trip to LA, we hung out with the Moms of ABC at a little cocktail party atop a ABC building. I was exciting to be able to sit down and visit with some new and old celebrities from from some of ABC’s top series.

Moms of ABC TV

Some of the hot shows of TV right now are on the ABC Network, like The Middle, The Neighbors, Trophy Wife, Mixology, and The Sheild. Along with some awesome show, ABC has captured the heart and eyes of tons of viewers with the Moms of ABC.

Photo Credit: Carin Baer
Photo Credit: Carin Baer

We first talked with Toks Olagundoye of The Neighbors, who co-stars with Jami Gertz. They both play moms in the series and have a bond because of their roles in the family. It was fun being able to just sit and talk about kids and TV with both of them. Jami Gertz even shared some of the same growing pains of having a teenager in the house that I know we struggle with as parents too. It was niceto know that celebrities are real people!


After visiting most of the ladies, we were able to quickly visit with Patricia Heaton from The Middle. In fact, after screening it during our #ABCTVEvent and visiting the set, it is  now one of my favorite family shows. Even though she plays a dysfunctional mom on “The Middle” I could tell that this award winning actress has it all together.

I felt so blessed to be able to hang out with some great gals, share stories about our families and careers, and just relax a bit on the patio of the Walt Disney Animation Studio.

Be sure to catch each of their shows on the ABC TV Network and connect with some of the Moms of ABC on Twitter:

  • Amanda Fuller of LAST MAN STANDING (@amandafuller27)
  • Patricia Heaton of THE MIDDLE (@PatriciaHeaton)
  • Toks Olagundoye of THE NEIGHBORS (@ToksOlagundoye)
  • Malin Akerman of TROPHY WIFE (@MalinAkerman)