Winning is Not Everything

Daddy will you play a game with me?” I normally hear that question on a daily basis from both JJ and Princess. For some reason they like playing either video, board or card games with the old man (me). I think a little bit of it is a competitive nature between the two of them. Or I guess they enjoy spending time with me. Either way, I am okay with it because winning is not everything.


We sit down to play and, while we are getting ready, we do a little (clean) trash talk. Just a little. For example, the other day, JJ wanted to play a quick, friendly game of UNO (quick game of UNO, said no one ever). It was JJ, Princess and myself. We kind of went round and round for a while. I found myself having nothing but Wild Cards and Draw Four cards at one time. But, like the gentleman I am, I decided to hold out and not play them at the best time… when one of the girls was close to winning. Let’s just say there were many times in that game when I was close to winning.

You know, I try to let my girls win against me sometimes. Plus, I try hard to string it out so they are motivated to try even harder at whatever game it is. For instance, when we play Mario Card on the Wii, and I am going up against the teens, it is completely game on. No holding back. But, with the younger ones , it is more about the quality time and fun we are having together. Not to say that I am not having that same bonding time with my teenagers, but most of the time they are far past me in the game. hey do not show this old man any slack.

Yet I hold true to the fact that I want my girls to have fun above all else. Plus I want them to come back and ask me to play some more. If I don’t give them a winning chance every once in a while, then it may discourage them from asking me to play again. That time I spend with them is worth more than winning.

winning bowling

photo credit: Scott Ableman via photopin cc

So, Dad, take the time to play and bond with your children. Let those kiddos win the game every now and again. Doing so still means you can continue to win their heart and love… which is more important than bragging rights. I am sure some will read this and think that kid need to lose as well. I agree. You are right. Look at this way, winning 6 out of 10 times still keeps the game challenging. Whether you are at the bowling alley or home playing on the Wii, keep the score comparable to theirs and make it a close game. For us, it has built a better relationship for my kids and myself… and that is more important to me than a big ego.

Do you ever let your kids win?