Nowadays, Kids have plenty of options to play inside rather than going outside. In the era of 3d cartoons, video gaming consoles, smartphones, portable gaming devices, and internet accessibilities are a lot to impress kids to stay inside than going outdoor to play physical games.

Spend More Time Outside, 8 Fun Ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside, Days of a Domestic Dad

Spend More Time Outside

Day by day it is getting harder to persuade kids to put mobile devices down for getting some in-person social interaction or taking their dogs for a walk.
The benefits of getting outside are not only getting a little sunshine or enjoying the fresh air but also there are a lot of physical benefits that come with spend more time outdoors. It is harder to impress a kid by saying that if they play outdoor, they may have a lower risk of heart diseases. But it is easier to create a fun environment that will attract them to play outside without forcing them.

Benefits of Spend More Time Outdoors for Kids

  • Getting enough Sunlight which helps to get vitamin D.
  • Lower the risk of obesity.
  • Reduced ADHD symptoms.
  • Minimize stress level.
  • Improve fitness level.
  • Get more in-person social interaction.
  • Gather more knowledge about the outdoor environment.

8 Fun Ways to Get Kids Outside

  • Take Your Kids Outside More Often
    As a parent, it is not hard to take your kids outside for a walk. To make things interesting, you should take your kids to the nearest parks, recreation centers, leaks, beaches more often so that they can get used to the outside environment. In addition, you can create a space at home that is equivalent to an outside environment where kids get more fun than stacking with mobile devices.
  • Create Fun & Appealing Play Space
    The easiest way to make outdoor appealing to create or buy an outdoor playhouse for kids. There are many structured playhouses available in the market. Make sure you read top playhouses reviews to know about the best features, price, activities available for kids, pros and cons.
  • Getting Them Interested About Wildlife Watching
    Kids are always interested in learning new things. You can get them interested in the wildlife by showing pictures and videos about birds, natural beauty, animals, trees. In addition, to make things more interesting, you can build a birdhouse or taking them to the zoo, garden, local parks.
Spend More Time Outside, 8 Fun Ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside, Days of a Domestic Dad
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How Do You Get Your Kids To Spend More Time Outside

  • Plan Outdoor Family Time
    You can make family fun time such as take a pool bath outside during the summer, games night, or even family dinner outside. Weekend dinner or lunches can take place in the backyard and cook together outside of the house.
  • Help Kids on Outdoor Activities
    Helping kids outside activities such as planting trees, creating a garden, or teaching them how to plant and grow foods are fun ways to engage them with outdoor activities. You can help them create their first flower garden and give new ideas about flowers and fruits. At first, try some easy-growing foods like tomatoes, guavas, and wildflowers.
  • Plan Outdoor Reading Time
    If your outdoor neighborhood is not noisy, send them outdoor for reading. To normalize the situation, you can take them outside for reading. If they see you enjoying the outside time, they will get used to outdoor activities. If your kids get used to outdoor studying, you can take them to parks, playgrounds, and lakes for effective study time.
  • Give Them Outdoor Work
    Giving them outside work is the easiest way to make sure that your kids spend time outside. But you have to make sure the chores are fun and loving by the kids. Easy activities such as giving plants water, feed the pets outside, painting, and other easy tasks.
  • Ensure Your Kids Safety Outside
    If you want kids to play outside more often then you must ensure that your kids are safe outside. You can’t ignore the skinned knee or mosquito bites. You can take protective steps or create a kid-friendly environment before they step outside. For emergencies, you can buy First Aid Kits to provide instant treatments.
    If the kids go outside, they spend time on land. Make sure the lands are kid-friendly and don’t have any hazardous elements that can harm kids.


Kids love fun by nature. They love to imitate their parents. If you enjoy the outdoor activities and spend time outside, they will also learn to enjoy the outside environment.