Today, outsourcing is everywhere, from social media account management to accounting and software development. It’s a model when a company that needs particular tasks done hires a third-party service for this matter, instead of allocating an in-house workforce to it or hiring new employees.

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How Does Outsourcing Services Work?

Now that we have answered the question of “What is outsourcing?”, it’s time we learn how it works in particular.

First of all, companies that provide such services hire a large pool of specialists. Companies like Develux employ only the best specialists in each industry, ensuring the best performance and quality. That means, no matter what your demands are. They will be fulfilled by people who have expert knowledge in the shortest terms and top-level quality in every aspect.

Companies that need outsourcing services, contact them and provide a detailed list of requirements and demands. The clearer and more precise the list is, the less chance any misunderstandings will occur, so keep that in mind. After that, the service starts doing what’s needed. No matter whether it’s performing certain operations, developing a part of a project, or even creating one from scratch.

Yes, it’s that simple. The only thing you need to do as a business owner to get all the benefits of outsourcing is contacting a specialized service. After that, you can focus on your organization’s core processes while the specialists do their job.

Why Would You Use It?

In terms of the advantages it brings, the list is pretty impressive.


This is the main reason outsourcing is that popular. Hiring such services is usually many times cheaper than creating dedicated departments and hiring in-house workers. It has to do with many factors

  1. The first one is that most (if not all) companies hire professionals from countries with low average wages it’s called offshoring. Hiring offshore Django developers or any other technology programmers overseas can bring our many benefits.
  2. In most cases, it’s either Eastern Europe or Asia. Monthly payments in countries like Belarus, Ukraine, India, and China are pretty low. So, outsourcing businesses just provide their specialists with high salaries.

At the same time, the level of education in such countries is quite high. Meaning that the employees are true professionals, regardless of the relatively low pay.

But remember, the wages are still high compared to the average local salary. It’s still much lower than the standard market pricing. This motivates the employees to work flawlessly and is beneficial for the company.

  1. The cost of operating remote dedicated teams is also low compared to the traditional model. There’s no more need to rent an office, buy equipment, make the workspace comfortable, and many other things. The only thing that is needed is to hire the employees and organize teams.

Just think about all the money you can save and use to gain even more profits.

Quality Improvement

As said before, remote teams in top-level outsourcing services consist only of true professionals capable of working on any task. Obviously enough, this means that the quality of every aspect will always remain the best.

This can be used if your company doesn’t have enough experience and skills to work on particular parts of the project. It’s always better to trust the parts you’re not confident in to experts. Otherwise, the lack of knowledge can lead to delays in development in the best case. In the worst-case scenario, the company will suffer heavy losses due to incompetence.

It’s not the only way to improve the quality, though. Dedicating some parts of the development process to remote teams means that your employees now have much more free time. This should be used to relocate them to the core operations. The ones your business specializes in, and where it can benefit from an additional workforce.

For example, let’s say a company is working with a mobile app agency and desktop CRM system. It specializes in mobile app development, but the employees still don’t have enough experience in working with custom CRMs.

In this situation, the best solution is to hire remote teams for the CRM, while your in-house staff focuses on the application. The first will be created by professionals, eliminating any potential risks and allowing your workers to focus on what they are good at. And the latter will be finished much faster, thanks to the additional human resources. Which can be later sent to CRM development training courses or even learned from the hired outsourcing teams.


The security of using this model for software development comes in many forms. First, top-level quality means only the best security protocols. No rival enterprise will ever be able to snoop into your projects and corporate secrets. It’s a good way to go if you’re working on something innovative and want to make sure some parts of it remain unknown for everyone.

But what’s more important, is that such services can be hired as kind of guards for your projects. Of course, it means cybersecurity guards, that will protect the work of your employees, and ensure that no one can have access to it. Just like in the first case, it’s important when you need the data to be protected for any reason.

So, it’s only up to business owners to decide whether these advantages are worth it. Before hiring remote dedicated teams, ask yourself “Which of these is not an advantage of outsourcing?”. And in most cases, you’ll realize that all of them are and that the business will always benefit from this model.

Who Might Need Outsourcing Services?

Nowadays, outsourcing is used in almost all spheres. In software development, there are many processes that a company can and should entrust to third-party services. Like mentioned before, parts that you’re not confident in should be outsourced.

Analyze all the processes inside your business, and think of the ones that could easily be done by remote teams. This will give you valuable insights on what the core operations are. What your teams specialize in, and how to reorganize the whole process. That way to maximize efficiency with the use of outsourcing.

Summing Up – Outsourcing Services

Generally speaking, there are no risks involved in such a model. Provided you’re working with top-level services with flawless reputation, of course. Because choosing the right company for your needs is a key point to a successful long-term business relationship.

So, contact Develux right now, and you’ll see all the benefits of outsourcing in software development yourself.
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