Chocolate Chip Cookie Cone with Mayfield Creamery Signature Vanilla Ice Cream

As I am writing this post it is a scorching 101˚F in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. We are all doing our best to stay cool. Since it is National Ice Cream Month, I am trying to come up with really creative ways to serve our go-to treat in the heat of the summer. […]

20 Creative Peanut Butter and Jelly Desserts Worth Checking Out

Everyone (well, almost) loves peanut butter and jelly. It’s a classic combination that never fails. However, there’s more to PB&J than just sandwiches. If you’re having trouble getting creative, I have some delicious and amazing peanut butter and jelly desserts to inspire you. You can give the PB&J flavor to almost any dessert: brownies, donuts, […]

How to Stretch Out Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Borden. All opinions are my own. The Thanksgiving turkey and ham is always the highlight of the Thanksgiving meal! But, what do you do with a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers from the meal? That’s the best part! There are many recipes you can put the leftover turkey in […]

Stay Warm this Winter with These Delicious Hot Chocolate Mix Recipes

Nothing’s better that a cup of hot chocolate in a cold day of winter. Now, when the cold season is just around the corner it’s time to stock up on hot chocolate. This is why I put together a collection of 20 delicious hot chocolate recipes that you can make for you and your family […]

Everything You Need To Know About Juicing

Juicing has become a very popular health trend. It involves extracting the juice from vegetables and fruits with the use of a juicer. Juicing enthusiasts claim that it is a much better way to get your fruits and veggies; one that lets you get the full nutritional value of them. On the other hand, some […]

15 Pineapple Recipes for Your Summer Party

My family and I are always trying to incorporate our favorite foods into new dishes to try! With a family full of kids I try to put new items on our weekly dinner menu but it always seems to be more appealing if they is a familiar item in the new dishes. One of my […]

How to Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Star Wars Stormtrooper Cookies

We all know that Empire is on the rise again with the release of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie on December 18th. One of my favorite characters in the Star Wars Saga are the Stormtroopers. These black & white, blaster wielding, Empire soldiers are awesome. That is why I am sharing this how […]