Meet My Blogging Crew

Meet My Blogging Crew

I have found that after blogging for a little over a month, it is getting increasingly harder not to use real names. Primarily with my little ones’ names. I have heard too many stories about when people stalk or harass others so we choose not to share our kids names. Since Staci uses pen names of sorts for the kids…  that they chose for themselves… I figured I would use the same ones here. I mean, our blogs pretty much work hand in hand. Therefore, meet my blogging crew:

blogging crew

  • Pepper is our oldest daughter. She will be 18 this September and is currently enjoying her first year of college.
  • Tony Stark is Pepper’s boyfriend. They have been dating for almost 3 years now. Their first date was an Iron Man movie… hence the names.
  • Jake is our only son and will be 16 years old in June. He is starting his 1st semester of community college next week.
  • JJ is my take charge little woman. She just turned 9 last month. We call her our “event planner” because she plans all our family parties and fun nights.
  • Princess is just that and then some. At just 7 years old, she is quite the diva and is always dressed up and ready to dance. Always twirling and smiling.
  • Monkey, well she is just our Monkey. A 3 year old ball of attitude and the perfect blend of her mom and dad… with a little spice of life. Monkey brings a twist to our dynamics with her special needs (Expressive Speech Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder) and we welcome the challenges. She alone has taught us all to have a  new outlook and perspective on this crazy thing called life.
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I am pleased to know I can now refer to my kiddos by a name and perhaps you will be able to reference which one I am talking about. Along with Staci, this crew is my life… day in and day out.

Do you use nicknames for your kids?

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  1. I’ve been meaning to come by and check out your new digs! it looks awesome! We do have nicknames, but I normally don’t use them, or even quite refer to their real names at that. Maybe I should start?!

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