Toilet Paper

With a family of 7 in the house we find that we obviously use things more than others. For example, things like ketchup, milk, cereal.. you know… food in general. But most of all toilet paper. We have two and half bathrooms to accommodate all of us and our waste. I know everyone has their opinion on toilet paper, but we choose to use Angel Soft (for budget & performance). Now, if we do it right, we can go through about 6 rolls a week. Well, that is if the three-year old would stop her infatuation with toilet paper.

Excess TP Rev

Race to the End

Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that she is potty trained and able to go to the rest room alone. It’s just that while she is on her throne doing her business she needs something to do. What better way to kill time than to race through the toilet paper to get to the end? This isn’t the first time. She has always done this. You can read a little more on my wife’s blog and see how she was caught read handed before. Inquiring minds (like me) want to know why this happens on a daily basis. I have asked her nicely to stop. We put the toilet paper up out of her reach. We have adapted and moved on, I guess. She does this even when she is not going potty? My wife even wrote an Ode to Toilet Paper in our toddler’s honor:

toilet paper
Photo from my wife.

Has this happened to you before? Can you shed some light on why?  I would appreciate it.