Kids Can be Funny

Sometimes I wish I was just a bit quicker on my feet when it comes to taking pictures. Having 5 kids running around, there is never a dull moment in our house. They just always find a way to crack me up when something silly happens. Plus, it is the funniest when they have no clue what just happened. Kids can be funny that way. As they simply live in the moment we, as parents, get to enjoy the craziness and spontaneity they live out. Priceless memories.

Here is my Friday Funny for the week, enjoy.

Friday Funny

I chose this picture because I have done something very similar to this. “Wow, Dad?!?!”

Friday Funny

I just think facial expression of the little boy on the right is priceless.

Friday Funny

My kids do this. Even the teens. If they get a chance to make something out of a cardboard box they will. My kids probably would have made bunk beds.

Manly Handshake

Now this doesn’t completely go with my kid theme but is interesting we need a poster on how to give a manly handshake.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend and tries to stay out of trouble. Make sure to grab a shot of something funny that happens around your home this weekend!

What funny things have you caught your kids doing?