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Nintendo is a company that creates family-designed devices and games that everyone can enjoy. They have always led the way in new technology and new ways to have fun. Nintendo allows people that aren’t very interested in gaming to still enjoy games, and to spend time with other people while doing it. They have home consoles, but the one area that Nintendo has dominated in the last decade has been the portable console. The New Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo’s latest portable console. Nintendo of America hooked us up with the New Nintendo 3DS, and it makes the perfect gift for the family this holiday season because of the game library, portability, and technological upgrades.

Nintendo 3DS XL

The New Nintendo 3DS plays all games on the Nintendo 3DS, plus a few extra exclusively for the new version. The Nintendo 3DS has been out for over 5 years, so there is much to choose from. Now throw in all game titles from the Nintendo DS line because the New Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible for these games. That is hundreds of fan favorites for over ten years! Don’t forget the downloadable games of the virtual console in the New Nintendo 3DS. This includes all of your favorite games from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64. You can have access to all of your favorite new and old games on one portable console. Anyone can find a game they are interested in.

Nintendo 3DS XL

The New Nintendo 3DS is made in the same style as both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS by having one larger screen on top and one smaller touchscreen below. The two sizes of the device are normal and XL with varying decoration styles to choose from. The New 3DS has also increased battery life by about one hour. Games can be easily paused by closing the screen. The portability of the device makes it perfect for sharing and road trips.

The New Nintendo 3DS has upgraded over the Nintendo 3DS in multiple ways. Nintendo changed the feel of the buttons, added a new c-stick button, and increased the screen size slightly. The processor is noticeably faster than the old Nintendo 3DS version. Another great improvement is the NFC (Near Field Communication) addition. This allows you to use Nintendo’s amiibo figures. The cute amiibo’s may look like toys, but they can actually be brought into the game. This feature makes you feel much more connected to the characters and games. Finally, Nintendo added the super-stable 3D feature to the New Nintendo 3DS. Many people became frustrated with the old Nintendo 3DS device because although the 3D feature was fun, the user’s face needed to line up perfectly to use the 3D correctly. Super-stable 3D uses a camera to track the user’s face, allowing the 3D to be used comfortably. The super-stable 3D feature makes the device so much more valuable than the old version.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Playing fun family games such as Super Mario, Megaman, and Pokemon will allow families to create great experiences together while on the road or at home. The upgrades of the New Nintendo 3DS makes the device a must-have for anyone interested in playing a game and having fun. This holiday season is the time to buy a New Nintendo 3DS for the family#3DSKidForADay

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