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Growing up as a male teenager in Texas came with the rite of passage of taking care of my car. Cars used to be less complicated. These days, cars have sophisticated computer systems and many have hybrid motors to deal with.

A lot of millennials didn’t grow up learning how to maintain a car, especially those in urban and suburban areas. Urban 20 somethings are of the Uber culture. If they do have cars, they often take them to the dealership to be serviced. That can get expensive with the maintenance schedules that these companies would like us all to adhere to.

Prestone Automobile Products

With Prestone automobile products it is possible to do some routine maintenance, even on a hybrid, without spending a small fortune. My older kids are DIYers and can easily learn how to do a few car maintenance projects by tuning into the instructional videos on the Prestone website or on YouTube. With the car owner’s manual in hand, and the Prestone Automobile Products items picked up at most auto supply stores or Wal-Mart, things that can easily be accomplished are:

  • Adding Power Steering Fluid
  • Repairing or stopping a leak in the radiator with Triple Seal Stop Leak
  • Adding Brake Fluid
  • Replacing Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Flushing the coolant system
  • Adding Anti-Freeze when necessary

As an involved dad, I try to teach my kids to be self-sufficient and independent. That includes instilling in the ones who own cars that they should keep them in good working order. We are pretty dependent on cars in the big state of Texas.


Our summers can be warm here, so the kids understand that a car can overheat, especially on long road trips. I encourage them to keep Prestone Automobile Products coolant on hand and to have a basic understanding of how to safely add it when needed. The Prestone instructions are very clear on the safety measures required when dealing with car maintenance. They are also insistent that chemicals be disposed of in a legal and eco-friendly manner.

Prestone Brake Fluid

It is also dusty and buggy in late summer. Prestone Bug Wash Windshield Fluid is a staple supply in the garage. The kids are already good with knowing how to refill the tank with that.

Teaching my millennials how to service some aspects of their vehicles is made easier with the help of Prestone. The company has been serving and protecting drivers and their vehicles since 1927. Their cutting-edge products, such as the iconic yellow jug antifreeze/coolant to the innovative stop-leak line, make Prestone a leader in the automotive maintenance products industry.