Stains are permanent. And that is precisely how you want it with your floors. But before you make an ugly face, do not mistake the concrete staining from the messy, sticky stain that blemishes the flooring surface.

Guide to Stained Concrete

Guide to Stained Concrete

This Guide to Stained Concrete gives you all the answers to concrete staining questions such as:

  • Can you permanently stain concrete?
  • Does concrete staining last?
  • How much does it cost to stain concrete?
  • Can you stain an existing concrete?
  • Is it difficult to stain concrete?          

You are here on today’s post to figure out what to do before calling your local concrete staining contractor. Before you decide if you want stained concrete, you might want to clear out your doubts to answer the basics of concrete staining.

Stained Concrete Uncovered

Stained concrete is a decorative flooring application that has been around for a long time. Massive floors in massive properties back in the day are a challenge to clean and maintain. Cracks may appear on one side of the entire surface, but the rest of the concrete floor is still in its best shape. So, what to do? 

Comes staining. It brings efficient flooring solutions that do not require hardcore repair on the floors. 

Here are the benefits of using stained concrete:

  • Stained concrete colors last for a long time.
  • The staining patterns create a translucent effect that looks elegant.
  • The stained floors bring out a more vibrant coloring.
  • You can have more options when using stains. 
  • Have color control when using water-based stains to match the style and motif of your interiors.
  • Stains do not only color the concrete. They also penetrate the core parts of the concrete surface to protect it from damages like discoloration and fading.
  • Achieve a natural and neutral visual display on the floors that suits the outdoors.
  • Cracks transform into decorative accents.

Benefits of Stains: Can You Stain the Floors Permanently?

Suppose you are after the beautiful stains that decors the floors, then no doubt YES! Whether you use water-based or acid-based stains, you can make the colors on the concrete stay permanent. 

In time you will see fading, but a hint of its base coloring remains, which you can revive through restaining. Or have a change of color. But to do this, an expert designer will recommend you use a lighter base that will mix with the stain on the concrete.

Here are more of stained concrete’s clear-cut benefits:

  • Rich colors
  • Lasting concrete coloring
  • Slip-resistance
  • Water-proofed floors
  • Color retention
  • Hide stains
  • Aesthetic appeal

Any cracks on the concrete flooring will disappear, and a layer of concrete staining does the trick. Whatever type of staining you use, a marbling, the morphing effect will come out of the surface.

Water-based staining gives a rich tone of colors.

Places to See Stained Concrete

Many property owners love stained concrete, so they choose to have it on residential and commercial floors. 

Residential Stained Floors

Floors at home must be seamless, leveled, and polished concrete. Having no cracks also secures that the steps at your home are safe to walk on. It only means that each of your loved ones is in a good and safe space.

Stains keep clean, polished, and non-slip floors if you have the following spaces at home:

  • Kitchen floors
  • Living room lounge
  • Patio floors
  • Indoor patios
  • Driveway floors
  • Concrete hallway

Commercial Stained Floors

Commercial spaces save cost by staining the concrete floors. The application uses simple tools. There is NO need for complex and massive machines when finishing the floors with stains. In this way, owners save costs from repairs and maintenance.

Commercial concrete staining is the best solution among massive flooring surfaces in business spaces such as:

  • Hotel lounges
  • Restaurant floors
  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Commercial driveways
  • Concrete entryways

Stained concrete is a practical choice. If you require a massive flooring space to decorate and repair, an easier solution comes with staining. Compare it to other flooring applications that use enormous machinery or complex decorative products. 

A great deal you can get with this floor decor is that installation is fast and easy. It is only fighting for commercial floors to use staining because it minimizes the downtime when resurfacing or refinishing a massive and heavily used flooring surface.

Steps to Remember

Now that you have options where to use the stained floors, here are the essential steps that create this flooring finish:

1- Prepare the flooring surface

2- Clean, polish, and repair cracks in the surface

3- Plan how you will want the patterns to come out

4- Stain application

5- Seal and coat for protection

Now you can also opt for DIY staining, but the devils are in the details, so you better have an expert flooring installer to help you out. Working with the experts secures you a seamless and polished job. 

How to Guide to Stained Concrete

However, DIY is fun, and if you have the right tools and the time to acquire all the materials, you may do so. You can check out the latest sources for some expert advice, like the concrete floors in Chicago. Explore other tips for finishing the floors yourself and do it like the pros.