Concrete crafts are all the rage right now and I was having a difficult time understanding why until I really started looking into this.

Concrete DIYs

Concrete Crafts

At first sight, cement seems just too heavy and dull but a pair of crafty hands can really take it to the next level. I’m set on making a point, so I gathered 20 amazing concrete DIYs that are proof how versatile concrete can be for a variety of home projects.

And of course, it has that rough industrial look that can bring a breath of fresh air into any home!

  1. Concrete Planters from
  2. Laced Cement Votive from
  3. Concrete Letters from
  4. Industrial-style Geo Cement Coasters from
  5. DIY Concrete Diamond from
  6. DIY Concrete Bookends from
  7. Concrete Metallic Planters DIY from
  8. Cement Ornaments from
  9. Geometric Concrete Candle Holders from
  10. Painted Concrete Coasters from
  11. Gold Concrete Serving Tray from
  12. Modern Concrete Planters DIY from
  13. DIY Concrete Letter Ampersand from
  14. DIY Chrome & Concrete Planter from
  15. DIY Concrete Bow from
  16. DIY Concrete Magnets from
  17. DIY Concrete Paperweights from
  18. Concrete Hearts DIY from
  19. Concrete And Gold DIY Plant Pots from
  20. $5 Bucket Stool from