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Hosting tailgate parties is stressful enough if you don’t have any clue what to cook. Before sitting down to watch the game it is important to have easily made food at the ready to eat while watching the game, and after the game. In fact, food goes with football season, so having the right foods is very important. However, fear not because Bush Bean’s has you covered with some fantastic easy recipes that will leave your guests wanting more and more. Not only do Bush’s Baked Beans taste amazing, but these recipes are so easy to make that you will be able to have them done in less than an hour. This makes cooking for tailgating parties and watching the game quick and easy!

Tailgating and Game Day with a Loaded Baked Potato and Mac N’ Cheese

Bushs Beans Game Time

Whats better than a baked potato on game day? Especially when this baked potato is loaded with Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, sour cream, chives, and shredded cheese. This makes for the best tasting baked potato, and it is extremely easy to make. Simply bake the potato, get the ingredients, and then fill this potato up with everything you want. It is the perfect snack to serve to hungry men during tailgate parties and during game day. It will give everyone something delicious to snack on while watching the game, and will leave everyone wanting more. Who doesn’t love baked potatoes? Also, if you want to really hit the mark you could add in some grilled hot dogs or grilled steak that will perfectly compliment this baked potato.

Loaded Bake Potato with Beans
Another dish that compliments the baked potato is Mac N’ Cheese with Bush’s Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans. This blend of mac N’ cheese and Bush’s Beans is an easy dish to cook, and also hits the spot on game day. Mac N’ Cheese is a classic game day dish, but this particular recipe amps up the traditional Mac N’ Cheese into something completely different yet the same. It only takes a select few ingredients in addition to some Bush’s Beans, and you have a completely new version of the traditional Mac N’ Cheese to serve all of your guests during the game or at the tailgate party. There is nothing better than Mac N’ Cheese on game day, and it can be served as a side, snack, or even as a meal! There is so much you can do with the Mac N’ cheese, and it all makes cooking on game day easy, quick, and delicious!

Mac n Cheese with Beans
Never stress on game day, because Bush’s Beans has you covered! With two great tasting, easy to follow recipes you will have two dishes ready to serve to your hungry guests whether you are tailgating or just sitting at home watching the game with a few friends. There will always be something to eat and snack on, and these dishes take less than an hour to make. A loaded baked potato and Mac N’ Cheese compliment one another perfectly if you plan on serving a meal, and both make great snacks to eat during the game. Don’t worry about trying to come up with recipes to serve during game day,