Shipping a vehicle to a faraway destination can be a massive undertaking without the support of a transport moving company. In light of a car’s hefty price tag, size, and weight, successfully shipping heavy machinery across borders will require a team of professionals’ expertise.

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Transport Moving Company

The good news is that there are various reputable auto transportation companies to process your order and deliver your vehicle directly to your front doorstep. Guardian Auto Transport is one of many options on the market today.

If you want to make a sound and informed decision regarding your auto transportation company, you’ll need to consider a few factors. Failure to do so may result in customer dissatisfaction, unnecessary delays, or even damages to your vehicle.

Request DOT numbers and motor carrier numbers

Above all, it’s essential to hire an auto transportation moving company that’s registered. These companies have to register through DOT (Department of Transport). Verifying a company’s registration is particularly critical for trips in which Car Haulers must cross state borders.

As a general precaution, you should always request DOT numbers from any moving companies overseeing the delivery of your car, motorcycle, or another vehicle. Additionally, don’t forget to ask about motor carrier numbers. To acquire these motor carrier numbers, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This step can grant the owner peace of mind when handing over their investment to a team of strangers.

Investigate their commitment to safe driving practices

To guarantee the safety of your vehicle during shipment, you’ll want to confirm that the shipping company of choice prides themselves on their safe driving practices.

It’s imperative to select an auto transportation moving company that’s both insured and bonded. These insurance policies and bonds can protect you in the event of accidents, injuries, etc. The vast majority of insurance providers don’t manage transportation expenses. With this in mind, always request insurance papers before pick-up. Having a firm grasp on the kind of coverage offered as part of standard shipping services will ultimately serve you in the long run.

Forgetting to review the company’s insurance policy could leave you financially responsible for damage repairs. Before moving forward, contact your shipping provider and debrief them on damages covered under their standard policy.

Conduct online research

Rely on the sheer power of the Internet. Knowledge is power for anyone who’s trying to make a well-informed decision concerning their auto transportation company. That’s why you should try to gather the opinions of people who’ve used companies that pique your interest. Always perform a comprehensive online search before requesting a quote to avoid wasting precious time and resources.

To ensure you hire the most reputable company available, scan through as many customer testimonials and client reviews as you can. If you want to get your hands on comments that are sincere and reliable, head over to a company’s social media profiles and scroll through the comments sections. It can also help to visit sites such as Yelp. To further confirm a company’s reliability, don’t forget to take a closer look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If previous customers have reported serious issues, you’ll want to know in advance before you’re the one digging into their wallet to pay hidden fees and repair costs try this free car shipping calculator.

Consider your budget

You should never dismiss the importance of taking the budget into consideration. As part of the research phase, you should always dedicate adequate time to evaluate these companies’ rates. In the interest of savings, always compare quotes of a minimum of three auto transportation moving businesses. From there, you can assess whether their price points are reasonable and identify any outliers.

Comparing company quotes can simplify the decision process tremendously. To avoid being scammed, you should commit the time necessary to fully comprehend their menu of services and the line items listed on the quote. By scanning through online reviews, you can dodge any mystery charges that may come your way. Surprise fees are a widely-feared roadblock for any vehicle owner.

Auto transportation moving companies tend to be enthusiastic about presenting potential customers with complimentary estimates. If you want a complimentary estimate, you should be transparent about the status of your vehicle. You want to secure an estimate that’s accurate, after all. If you receive an estimate that seems a bit too steep, find out if the price point is negotiable or unworkable.

Research protection plans

Find out about protection. The last thing you want to do is subject your car to potential destruction during the complicated shipping process. That’s precisely why you should find out about protection practices beforehand. Credible companies typically request that customers document their vehicles’ condition via photographs before kickstarting the shipping process.

Final thoughts

Don’t rush the process. While picking an auto transportation company isn’t a matter that should be taken lightly, you shouldn’t proceed like it’s some type of competition or race. Even if you’re working with a deadline for delivery, rushing through paperwork will do you a disservice.

Ensure that you set aside sufficient time to make a choice that makes you feel 100 percent at ease. For customer satisfaction guaranteed, you should cover all of the bases in your mind and resolve any doubts before shipment.

If you need door-to-door transportation services, account for that need when organizing your budget.  If you need shipping that falls under the rush classification, you’ll need to allocate funds accordingly, as this rushed shipping will cost significantly more.

 If you know any friends, family, or colleagues who’ve ever had a positive experience with an auto transportation company, ask them if they have any insight on hand for you. Whether it’s tips and tricks on properly preparing your vehicle for shipping or advice on the negotiation process, recommendations can often help considerably.