When you go on the hunt for shoes for sale, pay attention to what catches your eye first. Chances are it will be the display that looks the nicest, instead of the display that holds the more functional shoes. While it’s fun to wear shoes that look good, you will regret it if they fall apart shortly after you bought them.

The Right Shoes, Need Help Picking the Right Shoes, Days of a Domestic Dad

Picking the Right Shoes

Shoes that are not worn for their intended purpose, tend to show wear and tear in odd places at odd times.

So how do I find the perfect one?

Finding the perfect pair of shoes requires a bit of patience and research. Ask yourself the following questions: what type of activity will the shoes be used for? Do you need something more formal, casual, or maybe athletic? Do you need boots, sandals, or maybe a pair of men’s lifestyle sneakers?

If you’re looking for the latest trainer releases, start by researching big sportswear companies. They often post press releases for upcoming product launches, marketing campaigns and new items directly on their websites. Think about the features that you might want in your shoes, such as whether they are breathable or slip-resistant.

Have you ever seen a pair of Nike shoes for sale and bought them for a general all-purpose application, you might also recall feeling a bit of discomfort and even pain in your feet and lower back. This is because running shoes are not walking shoes, and walking shoes are not running shoes. If you do not wear shoes for the purpose that they were designed for, you risk your alignment and posture being affected. Each activity created its own specific movement in the body, and if the movement is not supported according to its natural range of motion, you are doing more harm than good.

If you are looking for shoes for standing all day, then be sure to do your research.

What do you need from your shoes?

Jobs that force you to spend a lot of time upright on your feet, like nursing or waiting, as well as hobbies that take a similar toll on your body, like long-distance hiking, all require that you wear shoes that provide adequate cushioning and support for the heels and ankles. Without this support, feet will tire prematurely, and because you tend to slouch when you’re tired, it also sets you up for related backache.

Look at the environment in which you will be wearing your shoes. In an ideal world, your feet need to be kept comfortable no matter the exertion you put them through.

The Right Shoes, Need Help Picking the Right Shoes, Days of a Domestic Dad

Take a closer look at the materials

Shoes that are made of leather are notoriously strong and sturdy, which is why leather is a popular material for manufacturing hiking shoes. Hiking shoes by their very nature need to be strong and durable, as the purpose that they are designed for will put them through a huge amount of wear and tear.

However, the versatile nature of leather also makes it a key component in several athletic shoes, although it is often combined with suede in such a case. Suede is an equally sturdy alternative, although it is slightly cheaper than leather. Because of its unique texture, suede shoes can greatly benefit from a layer of scotchgard to protect it against the elements. The benefit of using suede in athletic shoes is that it brings and element of strength, but tends to be lighter than leather.

Swap it out

Strangely enough, removable insoles are hugely beneficial in creating a shoe that provides perfect comfort. If you remove the originals and replace them with insoles made of memory foam or orthopaedic foam, you will be startled at the unexpected levels of comfort you can achieve.