Affirmations are a powerful way to motivate an individual that agrees with its message. Financial affirmations offer the same comfort, paving the way for a confident future with money.

Financial Affirmations, 20 Financial Affirmations You Should Be Telling Yourself Every Day, Days of a Domestic Dad

When you’re reading about ways to improve your wealth on mywealthandinvestment, think about your favorite financial affirmation. The more it is repeated, the more attuned you become to its message.


Your approach to the morning is a main driving force for the entire day. These affirmations are meant to get you through the early parts of a morning routine, even after a stressful night of sleep. In just a few minutes, you should be more than capable of attacking whatever the day has in store for you.

1. I make money, money does not make me

2. A new investment opportunity is always around the corner

3. My wealth accumulates the harder I work on my spending habits

4. People look to me for guidance on how to manage money

5. I am secure in my finances, and continue to make new inroads

6. I deserve wealth, and will do whatever is necessary to respect the money-making process

7. I earn what I am worth, so it is important to continue to work harder and earn more

8. No one has my intensity, drive or confidence when it comes to making money

9. I am successful, and rich with the desire to be wealthy

10. Quitting is not an option for someone that wants to meet financial goals


By the afternoon, your mind and body may be worn out and longing for home. This is when negative thoughts take over, and makes it easier to ‘coast’ through the rest of the day. Now is not the time to give up! Afternoon financial affirmations are just as important as morning ones.

11. I am the master at attracting opportunity and manipulating the world to my needs

12. My life is only at the beginning of a very lucrative journey

13. By working hard, I can have unlimited amounts of money

14. I am the best when it comes to making intelligent financial decisions

15. Optimizing finances is easy because I am intelligent with money management

16. The world provides unlimited chances to grow as a person, investor and teacher

17. I am liberated from all debt by not making bad decisions with my money

18. My bank account is spilling over with money, and will continue to grow at a rapid pace

19. Bad debts are limited, but money making is unlimited


Getting to sleep requires the right mindset. Focus on a single thought and phrase that sums up your accomplishments in a positive light. You will go to sleep strong, and wake up refreshed.

20. My financial decisions matter, and I will always make the right decision

Wrap Up

Any of these twenty financial affirmations should get the message across loud and clear – wealth matters, and you are in complete control of the outcome. Gather the necessary tools to make it possible, and never look behind you. With these affirmations, you are that much closer to the finish line.