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Since moving into our new home, we have worked diligently to minimize everything and organize what we do have. I’ve learned that a cleaner, more organized home means less stress on everyone. Clutter simply doesn’t work well for my wife and I think I’ve finally understand that. Even simple things such as hanging cords can cause her to be unhappy. Therefore, the Legrand in-wall power kit from Best Buy was a life-saver for us!

Hide Cords on a Wall Mounted TV

Think about it. You want your home to look put together, without the mess. Dangling cords from a wall mounted TV can be distracting and—at least in my wife’s eyes—not aesthetically pleasing. She is trying to teach us all that less mess = less stress. This includes unsightly TV cords.

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Not to mention, the Legrand in wall power kit makes it easy for DIYers, which we are definitely becoming more of with our new house. After deciding exactly where we wanted our master bedroom TV to hang, it only took a few steps to have it hung nicely on the wall without any visible cords.

Legrand in wall kit

Watch this video from Best Buy‘s GeekSquad for quick and easy installation instructions:

With the mounted TV on the wall, you use the included hole saw to cut two holes, then guide the power and other cables behind the wall from one hole to the other. Install the two grommets: one for plugging in the TV and the other for connecting power.

That’s it. You can now sit back watch your teams play on to victory.

Do you need to hide cords on a wall mounted TV?

Look for the Legrand in-wall power kit at your local Best Buy or online at BestBuy.com.

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