Now that the Covid-19 lockdown is starting to ease slightly, more and more people are beginning to look for activities to do with families that can still abide by the social distancing measures. If you are stuck for ideas, check out these wonderful activities for you and your family to lift their spirits and enjoy the summer sunshine!

, 7 Super Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids This Summer, Days of a Domestic Dad

Boogie Boarding

If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea or are able to travel to the beach, then boogie boarding will be perfect for you. It captures the same essence of surfing, without the difficulty and years of practice – boogie boards are perfect for some summer fun! Boogie boards are normally a lot less expensive when compared to surfboards and, because they’re smaller, they’re easier to travel with!


Going for a bike ride is the perfect activity for kids. Teaching them road safety if you are cycling near/on roads is so important beforehand. Cycling is great exercise, too, as it builds muscle and improves the use of your lungs. It is also great for mental health! Cycling can be a low impact sport too, depending on how many hills your cycle route has. Your family will love a cycle in the sunshine, and maybe the chance to stop on the way for an ice cream!

Bat and Ball Games

A bat and ball set is so cheap, and you can play wherever you are! Why not create a championship league with your family – it will be endless amounts of fun! There are different variations of bat and ball, two wooden bats with a lighter weight ball or plastic bats with a slightly heavier ball. If you are in a big open space, we would recommend the plastic bats because the ball can travel further.

Mini Golf

Golf courses are starting to open again at last! Going to play mini golf is such an enjoyable day out for everyone, even the older kids will love it! Some mini golf courses have to be booked in advance, so do some research before visiting.

, 7 Super Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids This Summer, Days of a Domestic Dad

Kids Yoga

Sounds weird doesn’t it? To make yoga kid-friendly, how about making it a game of who can get into the correct yoga position first! It is so much fun and can be played in the sunshine. Hold up diagrams of different poses and the first one to get into the position wins!

Slip and Slide

Now, this might be one of the best outdoor activities everyone can remember from their childhood. Unroll a big sheet of tarpaulin in the garden, use a hose to create a water stream down it and maybe go the extra mile and throw some dish soap on there. Then, go for it! Get your child some nice toddler swim trunks and try adding a paddling pool at the end so that there will be a big splash at the bottom!

Scavenger Hunt

Making a scavenger hunt is easier than you think. To get you and the kids out of the house, put together a list of things that you are likely to see on your walk. For example, if you are walking through a forest, put a rock, an ant, a brown leaf, a flower, etc. on the list. It is such a big hit with kids and it means that you can enjoy a nice refreshing walk out in the sun.

There are so many different options out there for activities to do as a family, but these will ensure that you are sticking to the social distancing rules while having a great day out regardless! Find activities that you enjoy as well as the kids, and you’ll all make amazing memories and have the best summer ever!