One of the most amazing things about being a father is watching your child up-close. Many fathers are amazed at how quickly their children grow. One week your son is clearly a baby.

Brain Building Nutrients

The next his cheeks are a little less round and the chubby baby fat has given way to a silhouette that is long and lanky even before he enters preschool. You want the world for him. One of the best ways to make sure your child grows up happy and healthy is with right nutrients.

This is particularly true of his growing brain. The right kind of Brain Building Nutrients can help your child’s brain get the fuel it needs so your child can do anything.

Brain Building Nutrients

Children’s brains are expanding at a frenetic rate. As a child grows, his brain starts to make important connections that will serve him for the rest of his life. You want to give him the nutrients he needs to allow for ideal mental growth.

The right kind of nutrients can help any child increase their ability to learn and understand the world better.

Brain Building Nutrients, A Guide To The Brain Building Nutrients Your Kids Need, Days of a Domestic Dad

Start With Complex Carbs

Carbs make the ideal foundation for your baby’s brain growth. Complex carbohydrates break down into glucose in the body.

This gives your child the energy they need to literally power their brain. Fortunately, complex carbs are easy to find. Many kids love foods rich in these nutrients, such as sweet potatoes and corn. Offer them oatmeal in the morning and beans and green vegetables at least once a day.

Oats are packed with fiber and vitamins and naturally gluten-free, which makes them a great option for kids with food allergies or sensitivities. What’s more, organic oats are typically less processed than their conventionally grown counterparts, retaining more of their natural goodness.  For these reasons, organically-grown oats make a great choice for a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Brain Building Nutrients, A Guide To The Brain Building Nutrients Your Kids Need, Days of a Domestic Dad

Folic Acid

The need for folic acid starts in the womb. Before you and your wife think about becoming pregnant, make sure she’s getting enough folic acid in her diet to help prevent birth defects.

As soon as your child comes into the world, they will continue to need folic acid to help with the growth of blood vessels that lead into the brain. Luckily many cereals, milk and orange juice are fortified with folic acid, making it easy to get the necessary daily requirement.

Brain Building Nutrients, A Guide To The Brain Building Nutrients Your Kids Need, Days of a Domestic Dad


If you haven’t heard of this nutrient, you’re not alone. While unfamiliar to most Americans, choline is one of the most important nutrients out there. Your children need it just as much as you do to help their brain cells build connections easily and quickly.

Choline is found in many natural foods. Perhaps the best source of choline are eggs. Teach your kids to love eggs. Any child can learn to prepare a simple breakfast of poached or scrambled eggs a few times a week.

Brain Building Nutrients

Omega 3’s

You might have seen these nutrients all over the news. While they are necessary for adults, many parents are unaware that omega 3’s are equally important for children. This fatty acid helps give your child’s brain the power necessary to send messages from one cell to the next.

Sources of omega 3’s are found in many places. Help your kids learn to love these brain building nutrients by showing them how delicious fish can taste. Many kinds of fish have a lot of these nutrients, including salmon and tuna.

Peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and walnuts are also filled with omega 3’s. Fortified sources include orange juice and some brands of whole wheat bread.

Brain Building Nutrients

Delightful, Delicious Antioxidants

Substances known as free radicals can start to attack your child’s body early in life. You want to help your child protect themselves from problems such as pollution even as toddlers. Antioxidants are the answer. Foods rich in these compounds offer your child’s delicate protection in a dangerous world.

Many foods that are filled with antioxidants are foods kids already love. Introduce your kids to blueberries and pecans. Raisins, raspberries, plums and oranges are all loaded with brain-protecting antioxidants.

Dip the fruit in dark chocolate for an additional added nutritional kick.

Teach your kids to eat healthy from the very start. Help them make the right food choices to fuel their brains. Watch in delight as they get what they need to grow up with a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Brain Building Nutrients, A Guide To The Brain Building Nutrients Your Kids Need, Days of a Domestic Dad