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The Lexus Enform App

The Lexus Enform App uses state of the art technology that is beneficial to all families. The app offers unique features that will assist you in driving or in emergency situations. Once you become familiar with all of the features, you will never want to use a vehicle without it. The Lexus Enform App is a free complimentary service for the first year. Once the year is over, you will have an opportunity to choose between two service plans. Safety Connect costs $140 per year, while Lexus Enform with Safety Connect will cost $265 per year. The Safety Connect offers Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Assistance Button, Stolen Vehicle Location, and Enhanced Roadside Assistance. Lexus Enform with Safety Connect offers all of those features plus Destination Assist and eDestination. Here are my favorite top three features of the Lexus Enform App.

Lexus Enform App

1. Automatic Collision Notification

The auto collision notification is an essential feature to help keep your family safe. You will be immediately connected to a Lexus Safety Connect response center agent if you have a serious wreck. The agent will communicate directly to the driver and call the local emergency team. The agent will know your exact location due to the GPS system that is equipped with each car. The Automatic Collision Notification system is a critical feature that can save countless lives.

2. Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Enhanced Roadside Assistance takes advantage of the GPS system in assisting with any needs for you or your family. If you have engine trouble, they will send a technician that will get you back on the road as soon as possible. They can also refill your vehicle with gas or have it towed. For dad’s, this is a great feature to know that your family will always be taken care of in any emergency situation.

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3. Stolen Vehicle Locator

The Stolen Vehicle Locator is a great feature that can help you recover your vehicle. All you need is to file a police report, and the Safety Connect Response Center will work with the local police in the recovery of your stolen vehicle. This feature is available throughout the continental United States and can be essential in locating your vehicle in time.

Lexus Enform App

Final Verdict

As you can see, the Lexus Enform App is excellent at a wide range of services. The app provides great features and also prioritizes in keeping your family safe. It is very useful in helping you reach your destination and providing necessary roadside assistance. The Lexus Enform App is well worth the subscription and is an essential feature for any vehicle.