Hard water is exactly what it sounds like. Hard, mineral, and chemical deposit-filled H2O flows from your tap. Don’t be fooled by the crystal clear appearance. What are Water Softeners for, and how do they work?

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What are Water Softeners

According to CTN News, hard water that’s full of metals, minerals, calcium, magnesium, and other hard unwanted byproducts, will not only clog your plumbing system, along your appliances. It can, if left untreated by a water treatment system such as a Whirlpool water softener or similar professionally installed product, cause possible health problems. 

If your house is constantly plagued by hard water mineral buildup…If you also find yourself not only shelling out precious cash for repairs to clogged pipes and corroded washing machine components, you need to seek out a cost-effective and easy maintenance soft water regeneration solution.  

How Do Water Softeners Work

That said, how exactly can a water softener save your plumbingsystem, your health, and your sanity? Read on:  

Water Softeners Save Money

Sure, installing a water softener system in your home will cost you a few bucks in the short term. But the money you will save from no longer having to pay for costly plumbing and appliance repairs will more than pay for it in the long term. 

The hard fact about hard water is that it damages appliances and clogs pipes, leading to decreased water pressure/flow and eventually floods, which naturally leads to expensive construction repairs.

Did you further know that heating and cooling hard water use far more energy than regenerated soft water, which means a significant increase in monthly energy bills?

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More Than One Type of Water Softener System Exists

Says CTN News, three types of water softeners are currently available on the commercial market from which to choose, depending upon your needs, wants, and budget. They are salt-free, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. What’s the most popular type of system for saving your plumbing?

The ion exchange system. It is said to effectively remove the calcium ions and magnesium that build up inside your pipes like the plaque in your veins and arteries.

The ion exchange soft water system is also easily maintained so long as the resin tank is regularly cleaned to ensure it is clog-free. A clogged tank will prevent the salt from reaching the tank’s bottom.  

What are Whirlpool Water Softeners

The reverse osmosis system is considered the Cadillac of water softening systems since it is said to remove nearly 100% of hard water impurities.

However, you pay a premium for this system. Although it is quite effective in saving your plumbing from calcium buildup and backups while. Keeping the mechanical components in your washing appliances free from contamination uses lots of water which can also cost you money in the long term.   

Rather than use salt for softening water like in the ion exchange system. The salt-free water softener utilizes filters to remove pesky minerals and chemicals. 

But buyers should keep in mind that the salt-free option. Is not as effective as the other two when it comes to removing the excessive magnesium ions, evident in very hard water.   

Water Softeners Will Also Save Your laundry and your skin

Anyone who’s washed their dirty laundry in hard water knows that the result is stiff laundry. Hard water also doesn’t clean as well as soft water. If you desire both clean and quiet clothes, you will need to remedy the situation with a water softening system.

Chemical and mineral saturated hard water will leave a residue on your clothing that will stain colors and leave whites looking gray. Those folks who don’t have a water softening system often resort to using more detergent than would otherwise be necessary, which costs money. 

Taken a step further, if the hard water leaves a chemical residue on your clothing, just imagine what it’s doing to your skin. If left untreated, hard water will dry out your skin and irritate existing skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Special soaps and shampoos can provide temporary relief from the pitfalls of hard water, but nothing is more effective for saving your skin than a water softening system.  

Hard water is not only hard on your pipes and your everyday washing appliances, it is hard on your health. It can be harmful to drink hard water and washing with it can have terrible effects on your flesh. In the end, what all of this means is that hard water is particularly hard on your wallet. 

Save money, save your health, and save your pluming by investing in the water softening system of your choice.

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