Disclosure: I’m sharing affresh® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #affresh.

Early summer mornings are a little bit hectic in our home. The girls are anxious to finish up their studies so we can take some much needed, and well earned, time off. Some mornings they will get up a little bit earlier than what I am used to. Of course, that will all change when we start the summer break.

Coffee Bar

On these mornings, I rely on our single serve coffee maker to brew a fresh cup of java quickly. We use the machine to make tea also. And, the kids use it to heat water for hot chocolate. Needless to say, our coffee maker gets a lot of use. Because of that, I like to keep it clean and free of hard water deposits. I use affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner for this.

I have to be organized with a large family. I keep a to-do list so I can stay on track daily and be more efficient in tackling routine tasks. I do use several affresh® cleaning products to manage the housekeeping. I have a schedule that I try to stick to when it comes to maintenance items. One of the things on my schedule is to clean the coffeemaker at least once a month so that everything we drink from it tastes fresh every time.

affresh coffeemaker cleaner

I used to clean my coffeemaker with vinegar and water. That always left the first and second cups of coffee tasting unpleasantly acidic and the kitchen smelling like salad dressing. Affresh® cleaner is specially formulated to fight mineral buildup that can throw off the brewing time. There’s no need to mix anything. I just drop a tablet in and brew.

The tablets work with both multi-cup coffeemakers and single serve brewers. Here are the steps to cleaning with affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner:

For multi-cup machines

1. Fill the reservoir with water.

2. Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.

3. Run 1 brew cycle (or clean cycle if applicable) into brew pot.

4. Discard dirty water from brew pot.

5. Run 1 brew cycle using fresh water to rinse the coffeemaker.

affresh hard water deposits

For single serve brewers

1. Fill the reservoir with water.

2. Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.

3. Run 2 brew cycles selecting largest cup size, discarding water between brews.

4. Discard remaining water from reservoir.

5. Fill the reservoir with fresh water.

6. Run 2 additional brew cycles to rinse the coffeemaker.

It’s really just that simple. The complete lineup of Affresh® products, including the coffeemaker cleaner, can be purchased online through Amazon.