There is just something special about the relationship between a little girl and her daddy.  That is a one of a kind of bond.  Like anything else though, this bond needs a little bit of special care.  

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With life being as busy as it is for families these days, it is important to put extra focus on maintaining the bonds that we have with our children.

For all of you Dads out there, if you want to keep your relationship with your baby girl strong check out these 15 activities that will help Dads bond with their daughters:

  1. Have a Breakfast Date.  Wake up early and take your daughter out to breakfast, just the two of you.  You can fuel up to start the day while chatting about all that is happening in her busy life at school, with friends, etc.  For her to start her day knowing Dad is interested in what she does is a great way to boost her self esteem.
  2. Read a book together.  If your daughter is still small, she likely loves to have reading time at night.  Pick out a book together and either read it to her or you can take turns reading together.
  3. Workout together.  Not only is this a fun bonding experience, but you are taking care of your bodies, which sets a great example for her future.
  4. Museum trip.  Not everyone loves trips to the museum, but it is a great way for Dads to learn with their daughters and also pick up some clues on interests that they have.
  5. Movie date.  Cliche, yes, but most girls, whether toddlers or teens like to go to the movies.  Let her pick out the movie and just relax and watch it with her. Dads and Daughters Bond, 15 Activities That Will Help Dads and Daughters Bond, Days of a Domestic Dad
  6. Head to the beach.  If you live near a beach, take your daughter on a day trip to the beach and head out walking with her. You guys can catch up on all that is happening and enjoy some wonderful fresh air while you are at it.
  7. Take a class together.  It can be a cooking class, an art class or whatever.  A girl needs to know that dads are willing to learn new stuff too!
  8. Take some selfies with her.  Okay, most of us get annoyed by how many selfies kids take, but to have Dad in those selfies with them is a big win!  
  9. Include her in your hobbies.  While girls may not always love the same things as you, they do want to be included in your hobbies.  For example, if you love to fish, take her with you every once in awhile.
  10. Dance with her.  Either sign up for some dance classes or clear some space in your living room and teach her how to dance.  It’s never too early. Dads and Daughters Bond, 15 Activities That Will Help Dads and Daughters Bond, Days of a Domestic Dad
  11. Take her to a women’s sporting team event.  Do you have a WNBA team in your area or a college nearby?  Take her to a women’s team sport so she knows that you enjoy watching sports regardless of gender.  
  12. Cook with her.  Plan and make a meal, just the two of you.  Even if you cook in your home often, it’s always a good reminder that Dads cook too.
  13. Do her hair.  It may be awkward at first, but she will love the memory of Dad doing her hair.
  14. Extreme sports.  If your daughter is adventurous, consider doing an “extreme” activity with her, such as white water rafting, etc.  She will love the exciting adventure that she spend with just Dad.
  15. Take her camping.  Take your daughter camping to teach her some survival skills and spend some time with her away from technology.