I’m sharing #Tide in my life as part of a Tide sponsored series for Socialstars™

In our house we are as much about education as we are about having fun and enjoying life. Doing laundry offers an opportunity to experience both. Clean clothes make us happy. Washing them in cold water teaches us and the kids the importance of respecting the environment.

It is estimated that 90 percent of the energy consumed when doing a load of laundry is from heating the water. That translates into about $40 of energy costs per year and approximately 350 pounds of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

At first, I was convinced that clothing wasn’t getting clean enough in cold water. Nor did I think all the detergent was being rinsed away. I have found that not to be the case. Our clothes are just as clean. The colors don’t bleed or fade. Fabrics hold up better and last longer. And, because we use Tide® PODS™ Plus Downy® pacs, the detergent dissolves and rinses away in any temperature.

Tide PODS® Plus™ Downy® is the first detergent pac that helps transform the washing machine into a safe place that cleans, conditions, and protects the clothing we care about and love to wear over and over again. Our clothes are always bright, feel soft, and smell fresh. Tide® PODS™ works with our high efficiency washing machine because the HE turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time. I especially like that Tide® cleans and conditions in 1 step without the need to add a stain remover or fabric softener separately.

Tide PODS Plus Downy

Here are the highlights of Tide® PODS™ Plus Downy® laundry pacs:

  • Dissolves and rinses away in cold water
  • Less of an impact on the environment than detergents needing hot water
  • Cleans and conditions all in one
  • Protects fabric from damage
  • High Efficiency (HE) turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time of bargain brands of detergent
  • Works in both HE and standard machines

I am pleased with the results we are getting using Tide® PODS™ Plus Downy® detergent in a cold water wash cycle. It is also a plus that I am able to teach my kids a little something about the environment and one of the many simple things we can do make a positive impact. And, we get to save a little bit of money on our yearly utility expenses and on the cost of replacing damaged or faded clothing by not using hot water all of the time.

*Special Note: Keep detergent out of reach children.